Monday, June 12, 2006

white monday, kinda

mav, arc,
and stephanie
are doing
color week.

i woke up
this morning
it was hardly a
white monday.

it was raining.
i was tired.
on the metro
to school
everyone was
cranky and rude
3 trains passed
before i could
get on my metro
train to school...
even though
there would have
enough room
if people just
into the aisles.
like everyone else,
i put
on my headphones
so i could zone out
and knit.

Oh I am not quite sleeping
Oh I am fast in bed
There on the wall in the bedroom creeping
I see a wasp with her wings outstretched...

from the predatory wasp of the palisades
sufjan stevens

do you know
how music
can just be
so beautiful
it is like
light in your day?
that song
sufjan stevens
would be on
my soundtrack
white monday.
(i swear that
i loved it
i knew
the insect reference!)
if you haven't heard it,
listen to it.
it's really beautiful.
the other 2 songs
on the soundtrack
for today would be
neither heaven nor space
nada surf
lady grinning soul
david bowie
listen to them today
if you get the chance.

conjures up
images that
that's why i like
clean spaces
kitchens, etc.)
to be white.
here is my
photo for
white monday
a combination
of both
clean and light.

afternoon sunlight on towels

give-away is sparse
i was absorbed
in 100 other things
this weekend...

please check here
give-away™ guidelines.
remember that
help with shipping
is very much appreciated
(thank you pink rocket!)
if you are outside the US,
you will need to
pay for shipping.
check here
and other monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. free people floral skirt taken by alicia!

i found this skirt
at value village
a few weeks ago?
it doesn't fit
to my liking.
so it's
up for grabs.
size is 5/6.
close up
of the fabric here.

2. vintage melmac bowls taken- michelle, i need your address!

melmac bowls
by Ingrid LTD. Chicago
cool designer bowls
from the 60s or 70s.
they fit so nicely together!

3. vintage wallet taken by sarah!

i love this wallet.
but i have never used it
and i have carried it
around for years.
it has
a lovely clasp purse
within for change
plus slots
for credit cards
and cash.

hope you find
something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
i look forward to
your postcards.

i will post the
great monday give-away™
that i have received
more collages
and the winners
of my
100th post

until then,


Anonymous said...

Hello 99th post,
Thank-you for reminding me of Moomins and of that wallet in your giveaway. I bought one very similar a little while back which I never used either.
Lovely white pics, especially the towels in the sunlight too.
take care, g

Anonymous said...

I agree re: white and bathrooms. Mine started that way and I still have white towels.. but the other stuff has strayed. Your towel photo is really nice. As you said, we are really suckers for a photo challenge!

shari said...

i love your white towels in the sunlight. great photo. it's wonderful when you've got a soundtrack for the day. some songs just fit certain days and make them feel richer. xo, s

Anonymous said...

I like the skirt. Are you really just giving it away?

Oh, I love your towel photo!

Beta said...

This might sound like an odd question, but are the majority of the postcards handmade? I have one all ready for you plus a little surprise on the side. But it's not handmade. It's one i've saved from a destination I think you'll like. But I was curious if most of the others have been handmade...

Anonymous said...


I would like the vintage wallet if it is still availabe?!


take care,


Allison said...

i love your monday-white photos - very clean and light!

Anonymous said...

hey, i got into sufjan stevens, too.
at first, he almost irritated me, he seemed a bit too.... fervent.
but he grew on me.

Beta said...

Never mind. Question anwered in subsequent post.

Michelle said...

Is it possible no one has requested those melmac bowls? If this is indeed the case, I provide a great new home for them!