Wednesday, June 14, 2006

brown bear tuesday

day 2 of
color week...

there are people
who like
there are people
who love
i would pick
crème brulée
a chocolate torte
any day.
maybe it's
i don't like brown.
it's nice
for food
as a
backgroud color;
like our couch
i avoid
brown things.
and i am
much more fond
of green things
in nature
than brown.
the actual word
isn't very flattering.
it sounds kind of
but many of my friends
love brown
and look beautiful
in brown
and i have already
that make
me appreciate

bears are brown.
one of my favorite
when i was
were my bears
(never liked dolls).

so my photo
is the
fuzzy brown
of one of
my childhood bears,

i promised
some postcards
the great monday give-away™
here they are...
from jenn

from sooz

from petulant feminine

from astrid

i will leave you
with some of my collages:

more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

These collages are just wonderful, and very inspiring!
The last one is just FANTASTIC!

f. pea said...

Wow. Your collages are terrific - I am impressed with the little worlds they make. I especially like the scene on the hill.


I truly enjoy the collage on the bottom. The one with the lady in the blue dress. The whole work seems three-dimensional.Very cool effect. Nice layering and wonderful use of scale.
Can't wait to see more!!


sooz said...

Happy 100! Gee, you look great for your age ;-)

Love your bear. I agree the word brown is rather dull. Chocolate (that's the colour not the food) is a much better word.

kylie said...

good day to you. i've been poking around your blog for a while now and i thought today was a fine time to leave a message for you....upon seeing your collages i couldn't resist. while i agree that the bottom one is great, the first one really grabbed me. perhaps its the bug theme but i just love it. keen to see more.

Shanna said...

wow! your collages are amazing!

i'll get my postcard out to you soon! i just had to buy a new little one decided that paint brushes and pretzels belonged in the old one!

Tracykins said...

I love the bunny on the hill! And the postcards - what a great little collection....oh, a new collection!

julie said...

I love your blog and the way you write -beautiful story for brown.
Im also in the same tag swap with Dacia :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful collages. So awesome. I also never had it much for dolls, much more of a stuffed animal child when I was young. Your little bear is too cute.

Lisa said...

Edgar is a rockin' bear! He looks well loved and quite swellegent on his polka dot background.

shari said...

hi! love your collages and your sweet chocolate brown bear. xo, shari

Anonymous said...

I eat my fair share of chocolate - but I would take a great creme brulee over chocolate dessert at a restaurant any day. That hard, burnt sugar top that you have to crack with a spoon!! COME ON - chocolate is just smooth.

Oh - I should comment on other things like your cool collages... but now my mind is wandering...

Anonymous said...

by the time I get to the end of your posts I forget all the things I have to say. not today! 1-i too would pick creme broulee 2-the postcards are great. i especially like the bag on th grass with the pal tree in the back 3- super duper collages! your style is great. :) yay!