Monday, June 12, 2006

weekend in photos

another weekend
in photos...

a collage card
for my friend
who turned 30.

a lovely package
from pinkrocket.
thank you shanna!

a surpize
from sooz
a handmade necklace.
xoxox to you sooz!

a beetle fridge magnet
in some japanese candy
from lizette.
thank you
for the surprise

spot likes
to play with
felt hearts.
it wears her out.

on my way to school
i finally stopped
to take photos
of some buildings
i always admire...

hope you
a lovely


Funky Finds said...

You're collages are just too cool. Do you have an online shop?

Anonymous said...

that necklace is great. what are the notes on your fridge about? they are very intriguing.

bugheart said...
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bugheart said...

funky finds-
you can find
my shop
collages will be
selling soon.

the note on
my fridge
is a
notice of movement.
i am often organizing
and reorganizing...
and then grub
can't find things.
so when i move something
i post
a notice of movement
so grub knows where
it went.
that way everyone is happy.
i can reorganize
grub can find things.
i like to
stamp the notice
with very offical stamps
past due

Anonymous said...

Love the notes on the fridge. I'm glad you found your beetle.

f. pea said...

see spot go! heart, spot, heart!

majamom said...

What awesome photos!
Id like to view more of your collage pieces.
Pictures are posted from my most unexpected presence at the QUILT WALK in Panguitch Utah, where a renowned 82 year old QUILTING PIONEER, Blanch Young- gave an hour talk and WALK through her LIFE OF QUILTING-just amazing. Do come and see -add any comments as I have zero quilting knowledge and or skills. Share them with your QUILTING FRIENDS!
MB in JT