Saturday, June 03, 2006

village friday ... at last

there was much need
for a break and
a trip to the village.
astrid was sure
it was going to be
a good village day.
sometimes you
can smell it
in the air.
but maybe that's
just the garbage
festering in the
humid DC heat.

here are my finds for friday:

1. vintage beach chairs

remember these-
the kind we had
when we were kids?
aluminum chairs
with the nylon strips.
grub and i
will be doing a lot
of picnicing
this summer!

2. vintage purse

i wasn't sure
this was vintage
until i opened it
and it had that
(not really)
vintage smell.
it has a cute
sparkley flower knob
as a closure.
i thought
would like it.

3. necklace

i really was drawn
to this necklace.
maybe because it's
big metal and chunky.
i don't do delicate well.
got the matching
we left the matching
clip-on earrings
(usually not a good idea)
for someone else.

4. wooden ruler

i have always wanted
one of these
fold-out rulers.
i like to measure things
and am always
looking for rulers.

5. skirt

a free people skirt.
i liked the pattern.

6. vintage radio

i was excited
about this find!
i love old radios.
i listen to the radio
and like to have
one in every room.
it works great.
grub thinks it's ugly.
i was crushed.
is it just grub
is it ugly?
be honest,
i can take it.

that's all.
not bad.
maybe astrid
has a good
value village nose.

i am almost
at my 100th post!
i will have
to give-away
for my 100th post.

hope you all
have a wonderful

more saturday
or sunday


bikeandbeer said...

it was a great village day. my finds were not bad either... interesting how we look for things different even when they are similar -- like the necklace and the bracelet. we are good complementary shoppers! and no, i don't think the radio is ugly!

mimulus said...

that skirt fabric is so beautiful, great finds!


I think that the radio is quiet lovely. The color is a bit drab though.


Anonymous said...

Those chairs are great and will come in handy. I love the radio, I almost expect to hear 50s music from it. And I agree, the skirt fabric is beautiful. Great finds!

radmama said...

The radio is uberawesome! Not ugly at all.

I am keen on claiming the funky green needle case, but I don't want to put my mailing address in a comment.

Can you please email me?

radmama at gmail dot com

shari said...

the beach chairs bring me so many memories. as soon as i saw them, i thought: myrtle beach. wish my family still had the chairs. i know you will enjoy them this summer. cheers, shari

f. pea said...

For me, the radio fits into a category of charming/ugly, like my parents' dog Molly, who is part long-haired dachsund and part Scottie and part god-knows-what - so ugly she's cute.

Anonymous said...

do you have a record player at all????? if you ever want some, i got a ton from the 50's and 60's... even some beetles and motowns.... it reminded me cuz of the radio :)