Tuesday, June 06, 2006

100th post!

quite a milestone.
i have had
many of my friends
start to blog
but then their
fizzled and
they stopped

i delved into
why i blog
on my 1 month
i think that
the reason
i continue
to blog
is definitely
#1 and 2...
the community
and the inspiration.

is so important
to me.
making connections
with all of you.
even if i don't get
a chance
to respond to
all your comments,
i really do cherish
i am inspired
by so many of you.
those who
have full time
jobs as
or moms
but still
find the time
to create
beautiful things.

in our
and easy
so many of you
still strive
to make things
instead of buy them,
reuse and recycle
what you have,
and see beauty
in the

you are all
thank you
so much.

in honor
of you...
those who read
my blog,
those who
those who
inspire me-
here are two
a happy 100th

the first
happy 100th
give-away prize
is a collage
made by me.
i hope someone
out there likes it.

the second prize
a penguin
egg cozy.
i know that
don't see much need
for an egg cozy
but maybe some
of you lovely
will like
my little penguin.

happy 100th
will be different
than my
great monday give-away™
in that
it is not
first come,
first served.

to win a prize
leave a comment
send me an email
about your most
blogging experience.
then tell me which
prize you prefer.

the prizes will go
to the top two
inspirational stories.

thank you all
so much
for being part
of this wonderful
crafting community!
thank you for reading
and taking the time
to leave comments.
thank you!




Happy 100!!
The best thing that I have found in just a few short months of blogging is that there are some truly wonderful,interesting and creative people out there. I am truly inspired by this very diverse group of individuals that I converse with and discover on a daily basis. It is so wonderful to meet new friends that share the same interest.

Again Happy 100 Bugheart !!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th :)

Funky Finds said...

I started my blog just a few months ago for a couple of friends. I was constantly sending them links to funky stuff & decided a blog would be a more efficient, if you will, way to share my finds. I never knew that I would make real, true friends b/c of blogging. I read so many artist's and crafter's blogs & am inspired on a daily basis by the work they do, as well as the character they demonstrate. It truly is a community of positive people. A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother was in a severe car accident with a semi-truck. We weren't sure she would survive. I didn't go into too many details with my blogging friends, but all of the kind words I received from them helped me to stay strong & positive. It's so easy to fall apart in trying times, but with a support network behind you - especially one you weren't really aware of! - it's easy to press on. And now I have some great friends that I correspond with regularly...and my grandmother is healing! Congrats on your 100th post! Your generosity & kindness (as well as fabulous insect photography) is always so nice to read! I love the collage you did. Magnificent! Happy day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sneaking back during a computer break to wish you congratulations on 100. I always look forward to your posts and photos and am looking forward to the next 100.

radmama said...

Congrats! I'm glad that I found your little corner. :-)

Americans don't use egg cozies, hmm? Chalk it up to my love of vintage or my Canadian locale or my British heritage, but I heart egg cozies.

They're on my craft list for my kidlets' summer fun, to match their egg cups.

f. pea said...

congratulations my dear! your starting a blog has been the best thing to happen to my work-days since... well, maybe since ever! i love to gobble up your beautiful pictures and words like a tasty lemon-ginger cookie with my afternoon tea. but besides getting to peek into your crafty world all the time, i have really enjoyed getting to "know" so many other wonderful inspiring folks and their art. thanks for creating such an epicenter of hand-made joy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on meeting 100!

I've been blogging for seven years. (!) I started a personal site when my older daughter was born... mostly as a means to keep our friends and family up to date.

What I didn't realize was that the blog would become what it has become... does it seem crazy to admit it's become a part of my life? ;)

1) The blogosphere is a bottomless trove of art/craft ideas. Ack! I don't have nearly enough time to do everything I would like ... but I'm bookmarking like mad. :)
2) It's about making conections with likeminded souls. It's a community. I've gained so much from my bloggy friends.
3) The blog is a place I can call my own. Writing, for me, is a catharsis.

Here's to the next 100 bugheart!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the 100th! i agree that blogging is very inspirational... its sometimes hard in certain cities to find other "crafters"... and in my case, i like to get inspiration from both the people with kids and those without... you know, a good balance! it can help a person feel sane!.... hmmm, and my most inspiring experience????!!!! it was an anonymous email (my first email at my greenbeanbaby account) saying how much they loved my stuff.... and i found out it was my mom... i mean, it was the sweetest email i ever received!!!! even my husband didnt do that (another story)... but starting a blog helped to get me back into art and outta my funk...

i think your collage work is just beautiful!!!! and i am not here to post for the prize but just to share... i've been missing alotta blogs lately and am catching up... you write very beautifully....

(you make me wonder how many posts i actually have!)

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th indeed! Yay! So glad you are blogging and putting nice thoughts, words and creativity in the world.

Anonymous said...

Your penguin cozy is absolutely adorable...

. said...

Congratulations on the big One Hundred! Huzzah to you!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!! I have forward a link to it to my family and some friends that don't understand why I blog. You have put so simply and elegantly the things I was struggling to express. I have only recently discovered your blog, but it is already one that I read daily. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are so candid in sharing your blog. Your love for vintage is comforting. And your care and devotion to caterpillars and other critters is inspirational to my kids. I try to share some of my creative life through a photo sharing site, Flickr, and have been overwhelmed by the response of so many comments by so many viewers. It's nice to hear all those voices out there, across the globe and through out the states. I hope to see more of your collages (this one is beautiful) and critter egg cozies. Keep sharing Gwen!

sooz said...

Congratulations dearest Gwen - here's to 100 more :-)

How on earth can I begin to answer that. Best blogging experiences?

When I swallowed my grief and posted about my miscarriage I connected with so many women who had gone through similar things and were grateful I'd posted about it - including one who had 8 miscarriages and, it turned out, lived just around the corner. She promptly came over to tea.

That one moment represents so much of what I love about blogging. The way it brings people together, encourages talking and sharing and mutual support. The way it spills over into the real world. The way the global can suddenly turn out to be so local (like discovering the entire back room of discount fabrics I'd never noticed at a local fabric store after someone left a comment on my blog). The way bloggers and the things they say and make and do are such a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, and appreciation.

I love that I get to share the lives, the experiences, the photos and the stories of the bloggers I read. And you especially Gwen have been the best kind of blogging buddy - interesting, funny, generous, communicative, entertaining.

Blog on baby :-)