Friday, April 14, 2006


i know that today is
value village friday
but i just had to share this
with you…

amy’s package of wonderfulness
could easily maintain me
in snail mail heaven
for weeks
but i just received
yet another package
from sooz!
in case you have somehow
missed sooz’s blog,
she is an amazing felt artist
who makes beautiful
finger puppets
and other incredible cuteness!

we started emailing because
she commented on my
felted bags here.
i so admired her felted items
but i also was struck by
her strength of character
and sense of humor.
we recently decided to do
a little swap for felted items-
i am making her a purse
and pill box hat
and she was making me a bear.

when i opened the package
from her
(aren’t packages with
customs labels
from far-way places
just so exciting!)
everything was carefully
wrapped in fabric.
i should have taken a picture
but i was too darned excited.
can you believe
what was inside:

sooz’s daughter named him
what a perfect name.
sooz had a difficult time
trying to convince visha
to get into the envelope
and be mailed all the way
to the crime capital of america,
so she made visha
some little friends
to keep her company
on the plane ride...
meet nellifant and potimus:

what perfect pals
they all are:

here is
the beautiful wrapping fabric
my package-opening
sooz you are
so amazing.
i really can’t put
my gratitude into words!
i hope you like your little
’sneak preview package’
(don’t look yet sooz!)
that i mailed to you.

i am just overwhelmed by
the kindness from
wonderful blogger friends-
that’s all of you!
the craft blogger community
is such a blessing.
it astounds me
that so many of us haven’t met
but we are ready to put time
and energy into making
or sending things
to each other.
i am not sure exactly why,
except that i feel so inspired
by all of you!
there is nothing better
than making crafts
for craftspersons.
no one
really appreciates it
like those
who do it themselves.
thank you
and all of you
for your kindness
and inspiriation.


f. pea said...

and i think we all know that we have the US postal service to thank for it. well, and apparently the australian postal service, too. i am always amazed that for a couple of bucks they can get your special package to anyone, anywhere, in a couple of days. so they're a bit surly sometimes... it's worth it! snail-mail rawks!

Anonymous said...

Such sweetness from Australia. You are living a charmed life, evidently!

And really, why is it that I am jumping at the opportunities to make things for "strangers." It definitely isn't for what is coming in return, not that I won't appreciate it. I don't know really. It is wonderful and really weird all at once.