Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SPT: silly shots & packages

self portrait tuesday
on wednesday…
that’s the way it goes.

these are photos
from an old roll of film
i found and just had developed.
i love when you find an old roll
of film laying around…
it’s like uncovering
a little piece of history!

these photos are
perfect for the
april fools theme
because we are making
utter fools
of ourselves.
this is by
great falls national park
when my dear friends
annemarie & martijn
visited grub and i
for christmas.
this is taken with
one of those lomo cameras
that takes 4 consecutive shots.:

here’s another silly shot
of me taken with
a colorsplash camera:

i have received a wealth
of lovely packages
already this week…
and it is only wednesday!
a letter with this
amazing watercolor
from eero:

her new work
really blows me away
with it’s beauty and precision!
eero, thank you so!

i received
a wonderful paper package
from sabine:

i am so smitten with her work
and she is so sweet and gracious
in her emails…
what fantastic postcards and tags.
thank you so much sabine!
your package is on its way.

finally, here are some
photos of my package
to sooz.
i mailed her 2 pyrex bowls
from the
great monday give-away™
and two of my egg cozies-
a kitty from batch 1
and a mouse (my fav)
from batch 2:

look at their tails!

i also included a copy
of one of my favorite craft books-
simply felt.
i got my own copy from eero.
i made a sheep bookmark to match:

here are the cozies ready to go:

off to australia!

corners of my home
and maybe photo’s of
use what you have
and swap gifts
for amy.


Annemarie said...

those pics are hilarious!
great memories...
miss you guys.

Tracykins said...

I think it's awesome you put so much thought into everything. Little extras here and there...much attention to detail. It makes the gift!

f. pea said...

what great pictures! i exspecially love the funny one taken with the colorsplash camera.