Friday, April 07, 2006

the village on orange friday

friday’s color
is orange.
many of you know
i am fond of orange.
since orange
is the dutch color,
it is particularly
with respect to my
deep desire to
be dutch.

my day did not
start with orange.
it started with blue…
betty blue
my volvo true
(and grub’s too)
that has now failed
dc inspection twice.
this morning
we attempted
it for the 3rd time:

hooray for betty.
the third time is the charm.
if you ever move to dc
be prepared for the hell
that is inspection.
especially if you have
an old junker
(ahem, excuse me betty)-
a vintage automobile.

now for orange.

fortunately the inspection
took us through
the neighborhood
of one if my favorite
coffeeshops in town.
it has horrible espresso
(par for the course in the dc area)
but delicious pastries
and a cool modern
architecty décor.
i stood waiting for my chai
and realized i matched!

my office is orange at school:

as well as my shelves
that bear many coats of paint
from all my color obsessions:

and to keep with
the dutch orange theme…
here is my nijntje:

had enough of orange?
more color photos here.

i almost didn’t make it
to the village today
because grub took
betty blue to work
my incredibly cool labmate
was cajoled into letting me
take the burrito
(his car)
to the village.

i was in a rush
to get the car back
and meet mikaj
for bubble tea
so it was a village quickie…

here are my finds for today:

1. skirt with cool fabric

not vintage but simple a-line
with appealing color/fabric.

2. embroidery hoops

a ton of them for $1.95.

3. wooden hippo

i heart hippos.
cleaned the hippo pool
when i first worked at the zoo.
quite an unpleasant experience.
but this is for
my future niece/nephew…
but i kind of want it myself.
bad auntie.

4. french dictionary

it’s old but how much
has the language changed
since 1962?!
i can look up
all those high-techy words
on babelfish.

c'est tout!

my pal in the computer lab
just informed me
that he burned
me some cds
of project runway
season 2
(i am so hooked).
i just finished
season 1
the first 4 episodes of season 2
(courtesey of said compter pal)
and now
the joy of finding out
who gets axed next!
don’t ruin it for me
i have been plugging my ears
to all who want
to tell me who won!
that and some wine
is my evening in a nutshell!


Jenn said...

Yum - I love all of your orange and that hippo and your new skirt are sooooo cute! Sounds like a cheery day!

Jenna said...

Mmmmm, bubble tea, I love it. Which coffeeshop has that orange squigly floor, it doesn't look familiar...

Anna said...

I love all the orange!! And the hippo. And, of course, the SHOES. I have a shoe thing and those are super cool. :))


I am glad the blue Volvo passed the test. The orange stockings are very lovely with the blue car.


Annemarie said...

do you still want to be dutch after my horror story of last week???
we are painting the kitchen this week, guess what colour!

bugheart said...

the coffeeshop is a tiny one
open only on weekdays (lame)
called baked and wired.
it's in georgetown.
i think it's on franklin
right below m street
by the canal.
the shoes are cidwoqs.
friggin expensive
but i love love love them!

bikeandbeer said...

sorry i missed value village friday :-( but it's hot and sunny here! the blue bag loves it here :-)

Tracykins said...

The Hyundai of Doom also has a tendency to pass on its third and final try. It's as if they just want to torment you.
I'll be painting my kitchen orange sometime in the next month. So, perhaps I will have to consult you.
And on the topic of consulting you - Steve-o wants to go to your house and check out your amazing organizing skills. We're having an intense urge to cleanse the apartment and organize all of our stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Betty! I love orange too, perhaps because I am dutch. I could use some awesome tights like yours, that would make my dutch grandparents proud. You got some great finds (plus bubble tea?? what a good day!)

Beta said...

I like the job you did on the Betty photo. And I LOVE the wooden toys you've picked up for your niece/nephew. The hippo is so cool!