Sunday, April 16, 2006

renoir and the village

it was a gorgeous morning
here in dc
despite the forecast for
i spent the morning
packaging items
to be mailed.
spot really loves tissue paper
and can play in it for hours.
i think she finds the noise it makes
tremendously satisfying:

i met my dear friend veronica
at the phillips museum
to see the current exhibit.
she is visiting from sri lanka
with her mother.
she is a former dc-ite
but moved away
7 months ago.

we didn’t realize that it
was opening day
for the famous renoir painting.
apparently it has been on tour
for the last 5 years
and just returned
from the louvre.
so admission was free
and it was absolutely
packed with people

since i wasn’t able to post this yesterday…
here are my finds for friday:

1. japanese wooden box

normally i am not drawn to florals
but there was something about
this box that was appealing.

2. japanese music box

i have been looking for
cheap music boxes
to tear out the music mechanism
for my collage boxes.
i haven't had much luck
(the village usually
prices music boxes <$6).
i may have to keep
this one together
it is so damn weird.
it has picture of a girl
drinking tea
with a clown(!?!)
and it plays
the music from the godfather-
no joke!
it’s pretty creepy.

3. vintage pot

my mom had one of these pots
when i was little.
it was one of her favorite pots
(it’s a very small size)
until one day
my dad forgot about it
on the stove
while cooking something
(picture absent-minded
and burned it to a crisp.
i will send this one to her.

that’s all for
value village today.
i was in a rush
because i had to give a talk
in the afternoon.
it’s good to have vv trips
that aren’t fruitful
because otherwise
i would need to get rid
of even more things
to make space!

enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh the Phillips, such a great museum. And Renior is my favorite impressionist. Also, I didnt know you had such a cute, cute kitty! I am former dog lover turned kitty lover.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

i love that floral japanese box!

f. pea said...

i see spot brought her new catnip toy along to play in the tissue paper...