Wednesday, March 04, 2009


window seat

it's cold
no matter
how many
i put on,
i can't get warm.

patio snow

this is when
it is clear
my roots
are in

. . . . .

i have been
away for a while.
you know
it is
to get back
in touch
when you
have been
out of touch?
that's how
i feel.
like jumping
on a
in motion.



. . . . .

i leave
sea ranch.
in a week.

color scheme.
is orange
and blue...
so in my
spare moments
i am knitting
my wardrobe
with yarn
i have
in my stash.

blue cookie monster vest

blue vest (details)

orange vest (wip)

i am
to resemble
sesame street.
you will
be able
to spot
me on
the beach.

you hardly



Anonymous said...


Is this the balthazar vest? I was thinking of making it, but I have been discouraged by comments on the web. I find it looks pretty good on you.

Don't despair for the snow, winter is almost over, in three weeks it'll look like spring outside.

Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

Your vests look wonderful. The necklace shown with the cookie monster vest is fun. I feel the same about the cold. Something warm will present itself. I'm glad you are back!

Eero said...

Doesn't matter how long you've bee gone---friends will always welcome you back!

Talk about being sick of just snowed another foot here....

lisa solomon said...

orange and blue huh?
can't wait to see...

we should chat before you come, yes??

Anonymous said...

Saints be praised, she lives!

Had another dusting of snow here in Wash. State (and dreaming of Texas, where it's 65 degrees). Traditionally winter last another month here, but after all the snow at Xmas and the flooding in January, she done used up her winter allowance.

I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of the snow, but I think I will just refuse to acknowledge the cold and bring out the spring clothes (and you know what that means Jenny--it's wardrobe weedout time again...)

Off to Sea Ranch, eh?

Poor Petal.

Green Girl said...

Like you, i'm not a big fan of cold weather either. I wish I could knit like you! I like the orange!

Keep warm=)

Erin Lang Norris said...

Hi Gwen,

I've missed you and your lovely ensembles. This one is really great. I was thrifting for skirts the other day and thought about you- wondered how you were doing but knew that you must be really busy.

I have always loved orange and blue, but I have to be careful about my timing when I wear it--it's the Chicago Bears colors and I don't want anybody to think I'm trying to resemble something I'm not. I think I'm safe for now though, because it's not football season anymore...thank God.

Winter is almost over, I can't wait.

artsybee said...

wow. that's a lot of snow.
being a caribbean girl who has
never snow, i can't even
imagine that cold. pity i can't
bottle up some of our 29° C weather.

enjoy your trip!

hannah said...

hi gwen. have a fabulous time at sea ranch, i don't see how you could not. take lots of photos!

shari said...

oh the loveliness of sea ranch. can't wait to see it through your eyes. i am definitely beyond ready for spring.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I well understand the feeling of things feeling like jumping on a merry-go-round...

Orange & blue sounds a winning combo.

Esti said...

I miss the sun too :)

f. pea said...

hear, hear for orange and blue! wa-hoo-wa. hugs to you + have a fabulous time in sea ranch!

Dani said...

Wondered what had become of you- glad you're back! I'm really sick of snow too! Got excited that I could work with my grass earlier this week, but now I wake up to snow again...notice via my blog. Have fun at Sea Ranch!

Sherrie said...

You take such wonderful, sumptuous pictures. And yes, I have been feening for spring this year like no other. I think it's finally here.

babelfish said...

You are the best colour coordinator, I can feel the chill in those shots, but so peaceful and calm...