Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the plan

sea ranch 2009

for my vacation.

just like
last year.

SFtrip: clothes plan

i made
a little
purse for
my trip:

blue & orange SF purse

it snaps:

blue & orange SFpurse

i also made
a bean bag-
a custom order
for a gal
named bean.

bean bag

bean bag (detail)

hope you
a wonderful
rest of
the week.

be back
the 22nd
wit photos
my new camera!

until then


scaredy-cat said...

I adore those lists! And like I said before, I always like your colour combinations...

shari said...

as always love your wardrobe planning. the snap bag is fantastic and how cute are those beans?! have fun. xox

artsybee said...

love the new equipment.
i have a waterproof camera
but i'm thinking of sacrificing
that option for something with
better lenses.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I brought a Holga CFN and I must say that I'm completely amazed.
SO much picture out of such a "little" camera.
I think you'll love your new equipment.
Have fun on your trip!

suzamaphone said...

dude. FINALLY, you post your clothing plan. and here i am nearly packed. i didn't make a chart, but i did lay everything out on the floor so i can see how it will all work together. so it's like a floor chart, inspired by you. sort of.

can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! xo

lisa solomon said...

your charts are so cute...
new camera??? i'll have to see it on fri??

Anonymous said...

love the bean bag!

Anonymous said...

i've been following your site for a short while now. gotta tell you how much i love the travel planning. i tend to use spreadsheets. i like the creative touch that the drawings lend to the process. so much fun!

emilyclare said...

this makes me laugh and smile so wide because I do exactly the same thing before I go away...
I draw up my wardrobe. Somehow its easier to plan things that way - it see outfits take shape before my eyes. Have a lovely weekend!

Toujours Dimanche said...

Great idea this planning! I love it. You are an organized girl. And talented.

greenwords said...

Am so impressed by your wardrobe planning I am almost lost for words.

Yours in admiration!

Susannah said...

your wardrobe planning=genius. i always end up with randomness...i'm stealing your idea ;)

Leciawp said...

you are so clever!

Janet said...

That is so brilliant! The tights just kill me. Hope the vacation was wonderful.

babelfish said...

You have the best outfit charts ever, somewhat scientific and so cool. Loving the new purses too, hope you had a great trip.

iThong said...

Really admired at your artwork, that's why i'm here...

I do enjoyed your photos as well, think there are taken by high quality camera with great touched up work.

Overall, i like art people, find them talented and beauttiful.

Where are you from?