Tuesday, February 03, 2009

knitting liar

raspberry ballet top

i am a liar.
i meant
to get my
secret squirrel project
but i got sick
sat around
and kniting
all weekend.
grub brought me
a cupcake.

nice boy.

best cupcake in d.c.

i am obsessed,
really really
with getting
rid of yarn
by knitting
it all up
at lightning speed.

are some
in progress:

february sweater w.i.p.
{my yellow vacation sweater}

baby blanket w.i.p.
{baby blanket #1}

balthazar vest w.i.p.
{blue vest}

the project soon.

i have to go
to pull
a smelly job
but someone
has to do it.



the letters i wish i'd written... said...

I can't decide if I'm more jealous about the cupcake or the sweater.... If you tell me you ate the cupcake while wearing the sweater I may never read your blog again...

Lisa said...

The baby blanket is going to be gorgeous! And bravo to Grub for the cupcake delivery.

the therapist said...

God, are you are liar...? I'm very happy to meet someone who has the honesty to lie...

Erin Lang Norris said...

I'm envious of your cupcake gift AND of your mad knitting skillz.

AND of your students...do they KNOW who they are dealing with, here? ;)

Stacey said...

Great post, so happy to have stumbled upon your delightful and charming blog. Looking forward to visiting again. :)

Janet said...

adore the baby blanket! will you share the pattern?

Anonymous said...

It's impossible not to use up those odds and ends, isn't it. I crocheted a giant blanket because I had a lot of leftovers& when it was finished I was really sad!

Unknown said...

... well written people, I enjoy a good, interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the vibrant colours you chose, you have been busy! Hope you get your projects finished soon (wish I could knit too). Enjoy your cupcake...

LOU said...

Baked and Wired!!!! They make the best cupcakes in DC - the strawberry ones are to die for. I have a giftcard burning a hole in my wallet that I need to use.

Unknown said...

you have such a cute blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, sounds a smelly job, most definitely.

lisa solomon said...

how did the pulling apart of caterpillars go?

you are a knitting mad woman...
how are you??

abby try again said...

Hope the knitting is coming along!
I have to say though-the star of this post is that cupcake! OMG it looks amazing...

Unknown said...

I love your banner ... and yeah when you get an idea about some i.e. yarn into useful production it consumes you ... Unfortunately I get consumed by several things at once so my house is a mess of half finished stuff