Saturday, March 10, 2007

tidbit of inspiration

inspired by...

the polaroid
i took
the other
in my bedroom.

the inside
of this book
i found
in the hallway:

the world turned
upside down

{how appropriate}

the inside
of an old book

the world
of birds

what is
inspiring you

have a


shari said...

hi gwen.
love the insides of those books. i'm inspired by the whole idea of cultural geography, space vs. place.
xoxo shari

Eero said...

I've started work at the greenhouse again....inspiration is in the DIRT!

The seeds, sprouting, leafing, all the immense growing potential in the hundreds of plants I handle everyday....

It's all in the soil....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful books, is the first one originally from a library collection? I love the little envelope. I see inspirations all around, from the colours of Spring to what people are wearing. I am also inspired by you all. Have a lovely weekend!

lisa solomon said...

ohhh - lovely.

right now i'm inspired by you... and looking foward to a hot bath....

hope you are having a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

lovely inspirations...i have also returned to my inspiration posts...
old books always provide so much gorgeousness..:) xxx

Erin Lang Norris said...

you inspire me, always.

Anonymous said...

Yes, inspiring things all these are!
see you, g

amisha said...

right now i am inspired by the changing light and color... longer days... change in time, space. the fashion in a japanese film i saw recently. embroidery. and photos... yours are always an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, looking forward to see whats going on i sewgreen ... Peace Sabine

Anonymous said...

im in love with old books the smell the feel and the history of all the hands that they went thru and all the different worlds they brought to so many people. so sweet.

Alison Peters said...

Right now I am inspired by the things growing in my garden, the scraps of fabric I'm making into a baby travel rug, my kids, and Sew Green. So glad to have stumbled across it. Best wishes for its future

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit inspired by those photos of yours... the open book looks a real treat.

johnny said...

wow!!...Those 2 book insides are very coooooollllllll..