Thursday, March 08, 2007

thursday musings


i am feeling

my poor
been sick
all week
and tonight
off to penland
on one of those
evil horrible
bus trips.
poor johnny.

this week
i did get
a few things done...

{still feeling
like i am

a sampling
of some

some sketching,
this one
a seminar
on wiggins...

{in pencil}

my brother
set up
his blog...

and i finally
put my
in the frames
on my bookselves

in a corner of my home.

hope you all
have had
a good week...
more soon.


Kerstin Svendsen said...

hey gwen, your screenprints looks soooo good. and on that nice bookshelf too. very nice.
so i'm just going to buy those knitting needles btw. don't worry about sending them. ;-)

Anonymous said...

nice collection of posters, woman!!

Carson said...

Nice poster collection and so well curated ;)
You have a great sense of graphic style

erin said...

oooooh great prints! i've been looking for affordable frames for mine (i have about 7 to frame) but i cant find anything that i like.

i love the photos too! your sweater in the first one looks cozy :)

shari said...

your home is so lovely. all of those colorful traincases..oh how i love them. sounds like you've been busy this week. so glad that you are sharing your sketches. they make me smile. xo

Lisa said...

I love your sketch. It has a very sweet, gentle feeling.

lisa solomon said...

holy cow those posters look amazing... as do your polaroids [that chair!]

and i'm SO GLAD you are showing your sketches. so very very glad

f. pea said...

so pensive... green is a pensive color.

amisha said...

love the bird sketch, and the images from your home... the posters look great on those bookcases.

Anonymous said...

Great Sketch! I'm curious about the bird on bust. Is the bust Grant Wiggins? Is the bird you, or how you feel like a bird sitting on a bust when sitting in a Wiggins meeting? You see I know how birds feel about statues, so I'm just wondering...:)
Man, if I had to sit through a Wiggins conference I would be sketching, too, piles and piles. But, I'm afraid that I would be too far gone in the sketching no-man return territory.

Anonymous said...

Your house is so beautiful, how I would love a bookshelf wall, so neatly organised. Love how you displayed your screenprints on them absolutely wonderful. Love polaroids too as usual.

Anonymous said...

love your screenprints poster display - and your constant stream of fabulous polaroids!!

Anonymous said...

those prints are awesome!

Anonymous said...

if only I could be that organized. I love your prints too!