Tuesday, March 13, 2007

have you heard?




have you heard?
to be
part of
sew green.

more tomorrow
more than
a few words.

until then...


eshu said...

i have heard and boy oh boy am i excited to see what comes of that green magic!

fab polaroids by the way, mow to the kitty.

lisa solomon said...

how cute are you in your chair??

hi spot!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard and I'm so excited!!


p.s. love your outfit on Saturday :)

Cally said...

so proud of you gals and the collaborative blog greening you shower upon us.

i always read your comments on other peoples blogs but for some reason, i've no idea why, i've never been here. crazy, cause it's a nice place to be. great orangey polaroids.

and your fab bags, i make felt bags with felty birds too, but they are very different, deeper (the bags, not the birds). i like the complete cuteness of yours.

amisha said...

beautiful warm weekend polaroids. and very excited about sew green... congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the polaroid and the bright orange jumper :) congrats on being part of the wonderful blog 'Sew Green'!

Anonymous said...

Happy weekend in photos to you, Bugheart.
see you, g xo