Tuesday, February 27, 2007

running on empty

to have been
this past week...
it wasn't
a planned absence...
i have just

to be finished,
orders to get out,
then there's
everything else...

i am always
running behind.
i am
kind of person
that is
when i should be
when i should
be arriving...
this is
something i am
trying to change...
putting much less
on my plate
i wonder...
will i ever
be able
to change
after so
many years?

. . . . .

in the last week...

blogging time
was taken up
by updating
my brother's artsite.
i love that
he sends me

so i can
make sure
to get
his paintings
right side up
{the perils
of being an
abstract painter}...

an amazing
package from
sweet lisa

with the
jess hutch
pattern book
{robots here i come}!
thank you
so so much

almost the last)
going out the door
as presents
yet another
little factory
in the "loft"

and some almost
completed ones

i am just
not happy
with the pear

so i am redoing
the leaf & button...


some collages
that will be in
my etsy shop
and i may
print some
as well...

my brother
arrives on saturday
and i plan
to rope him
into helping me
making birds
he leaves
to penland
for a 2 month course
in ironworking...
i am so so
that my brother
is moving
the east coast!!!
he will move
to NYC
after penland
i will get to see
him all the time.
i am thrilled.

i am back in
the genetics lab
to gather some data
for a talk in a few weeks.
last minute of course-
long story.

i hope to show you
the finished purses
that are off to
(the other ones
sold out-hooray!),
a few weekend drawings
of course.

hope all is well
with all of you...


Anonymous said...

love the pear! and i think your brother's art is amazing.

Melissa said...

I love your purses (and the pear)!

I totally understand the last minute data thing - that always happens with me.

Anonymous said...

buggy :)
I love the purses and I'm so thrilled that the ones at Velouria sold out already!!!
great goodies from Lisa.
and so cool that Johnny is moving closer to you!
and I must say I'm pretty jealous of him getting to go to penland, so cool!
My new co-worker just came from there actually. Oh did you go to the ACC show in Baltimore?


shari said...

hi gwen,
wow. you've been busy. love your portrait and all of your fabulous purses. sending you a hug my friend. xx shari

suzamaphone said...

hi hi. i meant to tell you about your sales success at velouria after i went in there last thursday and asked where all your purses had gone (there were only two left then). good job! i'm so excited that they're selling so well.

i talked to the seattle daily candy editor about your stuff today and she wanted to see some photos--what's the best place for her to look? etsy?


jen said...

sounds like a very productive week! penland sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So very, very busy you are right now. Wonderful polaroids of which way up the abstracts go... like little works in themselves.
see you, g xo

Eero said...

You may always feel overbooked, overwhelmed, late, etc.....

...but from my vantage point, you always seem to have your shit together! Here's a margarita toast to overachievers in all their glory and productivity!

PS: I wish I was hanging out with Johnny more....seeing you guys in Seattle just made me miss you all over again.....

lisa solomon said...

i so know how you feel....

everything looks amazing though.... and you are welcome for the goodies... i hope you find a use for those napkins!

big hugs... we need to catch up...

Erin Lang Norris said...

gwen you have been SO busy!!!

i love the "E" mini collage that you sent along with the polaroid camera! and i was actually admiring it just a minute ago and then i saw a photo of it at the top of your blog...made me smile :)

you are a mo-sheen with those purses! i wish i could pump out journals that quick!

Anonymous said...

oh gwen..missed you recently...LOVE you WIP pics..especially the one with all of your bags lying down waitng to be dressed and the collage..wonderful wonderful stuff!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love your new purses and collages, you have been so busy! I think it's wonderful that you and your brother are both artists, you can inspire, help and encourage one another in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

Oh you sound super busy! The purses are looking great. Good luck with meeting all your deadlines.

f. pea said...

i don't think you need to do anything differently, except make peace with your busy-ness. talented people are always too busy, because, well, they are so talented. for me, i think i have finally come to accept that i am never going to be less busy, because there are just too many interesting and important things that need doing - and if i don't do them, who will? you don't need to feel guilty for being last-minute - because the rest of us are just grateful for your beautiful work (whenever it's finished). xoxo

amisha said...

empathizing with the effort to put less on your plate... it is hard when that is the ingrained habit over many years! i am feeling like time is whirring by.
but so many good things too... the new collages and purses are beautiful. and so happy for you that your brother will be moving close! good luck in the lab...

sooz said...

Love the pear! The colour and shape are perfect :-)

MWM said...

I love the photo of the bags all lined up. Like candy:)
I also need to take some things off my plate. Let me know if you figure out a way to do it....

Anonymous said...

you are busy busy. It seems to be going around! I don't know how I got so overbooked, myself (ok, I know how). I love your collages and purses. Everything has such a gorgeous bugheart style.