Monday, February 19, 2007

weekend sketches



at a boring
i planned out

grub was in
this weekend.
so i tried
to make
some headway
on a
list of
to be finished
to be mailed.

bear mitts
for a friend...
from multiple

finally out the door...

i have been
with handmade
with legs

these ones

have you
seen others?
i have been
trying to
one of
my own
{not to sell,
just because
i heart them}
more on
my bird
to come...

of course
a few
more purses
the end of knitting
and felting
is in sight.

a mellow
mostly on the couch
with spot.

hope you
had a nice

. . . . .

a quick
thank you
the amazing
(aka sly.heart.west)
for her lovely

thank you

until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

oh your welcome! and I seriously love your little sketches! I'm going to be traveling soon and I will be making a sketch of my travel wardrobe! If it's not to terrible I will share it on flickr!


Anonymous said...

Love the sketches!!!

f. pea said...

i love the portrait of spot at the end. your bear mitten is making me insane with the cuteness! i am squeezing the computer but i find it plastickey and highly unsatisfactory. not like a bear mitten at all.

Lisa said...

...goodness, those bear mittens are way too cute!

shari said...

are those some raspberry tights i see? love all of your cool projects and sketches. those mittens are beyond cute. xoxo s

Anonymous said...

look at your beautiful handwriting! i'm smitten with your letter "s." xo

Anonymous said...

i always love to see your sketches...amazing.

lisa solomon said...

i am so so so so in love with your sketches. dream.

Erin Lang Norris said...

oh WOW!

your sketches are lovely! i used to do the same thing in grade school...everybody thought i was weird.

those mittens!! so cute :)

and your bird observations are top notch--that's a really great project you speak of, making your own bird. can't wait to see what comes of this!

Anonymous said...

Love your illustrations, I still can't believe you plan out your wardrobe in sketches that is SOoo cool! I adore your bird illustrations, can't wait to see yours. Beautiful package from Ash.

amisha said...

i love your sketches... the outfits and pattern and birds... and the bear mittens! so, so cute.

marsha said...

i love your sketches, and i love your saturday polaroid. it's like looking through a window as you're about to fall asleep.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, have you seen Ann Wood's birds?
Absolutely divine.

Austen said...

that looks like a lovely weekend...sketches, knitting, sun spots on the floor...and those mittens are the best!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful weekend sketches and snippets. Those bear mitts are magnific! They make me grin, ear to ear.
take care, g xo

julie said...

Ooh a new bird design..cant wait to see it!!!!! I think youve chosen the best ones..oh and there are alicias birds (posie)...
Also.. love your drawings always :) xxx

ps thanks for all of your comments this yeterday!

MWM said...

I love the sketches of your outfits.
Are these clothes you have, or want to have or want to make?

Kerstin Svendsen said...

delicious polaroids and those bear mittens!!!!!!!!wow. and sweet sketches. am enjoying reading your blog as usual gwen!

Anonymous said...

wow-meetings on a saturday. my favorite! all of your creations are gorgeous, as usual. Super puppybreath!!

Anonymous said...

Bug, i found this..


Anonymous said...

love your bear mitts :)
looking forward to some lovely bird designs!!!

maritza said...

I am so in love with your bear mitts. So adorable! And your sketches are lovely, too. So much to love.