Thursday, March 01, 2007

end of day

do you remember
how you felt
when you
were a kid...
a day of being
in the sun
or swimming
all day?
face burning warm
body all
achey tired?

how i feel.

. . . . .

march already?

hope you are
seeing the first
signs of spring...
my purses are
much more
like spring...

{for 62cherry}

{yellow bird}

back to
the lab...
more purses

a lovely


Anonymous said...

I love, LOVE your purses!

Carson said...

I really like the quirky cartoonesque shape of your purses

jen said...

i love that shirt polaroid!

lisa solomon said...

yes - i remember that feeling. very very clearly.

love your polas [as always]...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful happy purses! Hope you manage to catch some rest over the weekend, take care.

Anonymous said...

They'd also make for wonderful autumnal purses for those in the southern hemisphere too.
Loving those polaroids too.
see you, g xo

Erin Lang Norris said...

i miss that feeling, i used to have it all the time.

that first polaroid is my favorite, it's really lovely!

and MORE purses?! wow! that's really great :). don't forget to go to sleep once in a while!

amisha said...

i know that feeling...
the new purses are wonderful. those cherries, that bird!

shari said...

p and p. purses and polaroids. love them all! xo s

Eero said...

-19 here right now.

My dahlia bulbs are sprouting, however! A little harbinger of spring indoors.....

PS: Yes, I have pix of the opening that you guys can have/use. Low light though, so there are blurry areas in each image.....

Anonymous said...

great snaps as usual!
I'm off to sleep before my busy flight day tomorrow!

I'll miss ya!


p.s. Sam will keep an eye peeled for the yellow purse package :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes...i know that feeling..and the best bit is jumping in the shower at the end of the day!!!!
Lovely photos and purses ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the exagerated handles and buttons on those. super cute style. :)