Sunday, December 31, 2006

a poor juggler

shari's post
reminded me
of my
new year's

. . . . .

when i was
new year's
eve was laying
by the tree...
usually playing
a card game
with my brother
to the radio,
cheese puffs,
and drinking
sparkling apple cider...
for midnight
to come.

i remember it
a quiet time-
which was
very rare
in my house.

it was
a time
to reflect
on the year
a time
for new hope

. . . . .

i had
a long list
of resolutions
to make
this year...
but i realized
my biggest shortcoming
is biting off more
than i can chew.

. . . . .

i have always
juggled a lot
of balls
at once
{so to speak}...
knitting groups,
this year
i have found
most of
those balls.

post on
comes to mind}

as i juggle
one last ball
in my hand
and stare at
all the balls
on the floor,
i have
finally realized
it is time
to try to juggle
fewer balls.

i still
have to figure
out what
that means
for me
in 2007.

. . . . .

wishing you
all the best
in 2007.

happy new year
dear friends.


shari said...

hi gwen,
i really loved reading this post. i think that seeking balance in the new year is a good goal. love your childhood memories too. it sounds much like what our night will be like: sparkling apple cider (we bought today), a quiet meal, a game (maybe scrabble) and listening to the radio. i used to feel so much pressure to go go go on new year's but i think i will like this slow pace much better.
wishing you all the best in 07! xoxo shari

lisa solomon said...

we ate popcorn and drank sparkling cider too! :)

i hear you on the juggling.... i've been dropping balls right and left and center.... maybe we can form a juggling anonymous group!

happy new year my lovely friend!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, juggling too many balls, i know exactly what you mean. I too have decided to jugle less and concentrate on the few that really matter. Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2007.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful thoughts and childhood shari says 'balance' is the important thing..i myself am looking for different balls to add to some current ones!
I hope you are not considering dropping your blog!!
Happy happy 2007 :) xxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reflection. Thank you for sharing about your childhood and the clarity for needing to drop some 'balls'. May your New Year contain the right balance for you to enjoy life as well as achieving goals!

Anonymous said...

dear bug, what a lovely and thoughtful post (loved your photos)! i loved reading sharis and lisas thoughts on the new year, too (yes on atrophy). i know some ball juggling too and it's not easy dropping. hope you find some good balance in 07 and those balls you keep are really the ones you like best!! happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you!!
beautiful post & poetic images - good luck with the juggeling and dropping some is not that bad, easy to pick up again ;)

Carson said...

well..somethin's gotta they say.
let's hope it's not the blogging that gives.
I'd miss your beautiful photos.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New year!
I love the images of the glowing globes.