Wednesday, February 07, 2007

adventures with eero

i think
i first learned
to love
my friend

today is
her birthday
so i thought
i'd tell you
a little about
why i think
she is so amazing.

i met her
i moved to seattle
two of
my brothers,
joe and johnny.
they enrolled
in art school
at cornish
i was working
as a lifeguard
and saving to
leave to europe.

by default
i hung around
many art students
at cornish...

i first heard
about eero
my brothers stories...
and immediately
thought eero
was cool
and wanted
her to be my friend.

[by eero]

drove around
a landcruiser,
collected animal
always carried
a camera
she wasn't
a girly girl...
she would
dumpster dive,
seek out
to explore,
ride motorcycles...

[by eero]

there was
an adventure
to be had
with eero.

[by eero]

i loved
her photos
of abandoned
and it was
her photos
that inspired me
to find
in the

over the years
we became
closer friends.
2 summers ago
i visited her
in alaska...

we love
the same things...

value village
. . . . .
. . . . .

. . . . .
alaskan attractions

. . . . .
driving to hilltops
in rainstorms
to see this

. . . . .
maybe someday
i'll move
to alaska

we can have
more adventures.

but for now
i am stuck
in the
purse factory...

happy birthday
see you
in a few days.


jen said...

very lovely post! i love the way you have displayed your purses-pure beauty.

lisa solomon said...

oh you two are lucky to have one another!!

i love love the purses in a row all waiting for their cool buttons.... so perfect!!

shari said...

such a delightful way to celebrate eero. i loved seeing your photos side by side. and those! love them all. xoxo shari

Erin Lang Norris said...

great post, gwen!

that purse factory looks so neat and should come up to wisconsin and show me how to make things look nice like that ;)

oh, and your friend eero seems awesome! happy birthday!

Erin Lang Norris said...

*oh woops- that was supposed to say happy birthday eero*

Anonymous said...

awwwww! what a sweet post, gwen!
So is she going to be at your brothers show? I would love to meet her!

hugs + hugs + smiles,

Anonymous said...

sounds like an inspiring friendship! lovely post.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post and words for a special friend! such an inspiring friendship :)

And your!!!

Eero said...

Aww....that is the best Birthday gift this year...(except for Frommage's orchid, that is...)

Thanks, Bug...

I am looking forward to some serious Value Village time this weekend with you----You are, by FAR, my favorite and best thrift store shopping partner!

I am sooooo looking forward to seeing you and the Shlichti again!

Counting the hours!

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a lovely birthday tribute to your friend eero, she sounds wonderful just like you! Love all the B&W pictures, there seems to be so much life in abandon/decay through your camera lenses. Thanks for sharing X

f. pea said...

how delightful! happy birthday to the very talented eero! thanks for the goggle at the purses - they are making me drool!

amisha said...

what a beautiful post about an inspiring friend... i loved seeing her photographs.
and the purses look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

that's a lovely homage. it's so nice to have good friends to share things with. the purse factory is incredible! well done!!

Anonymous said...

I love the purses all lined up like that!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

first off. oh my god all those purses! wow. and cool to read about eero and see her work! have a wonderful time in seattle!

Amanda Jean said...

beautiful purses...and what a sweet post in tribute to your dear friends birthday! hope your seattle trip is great.