Monday, August 28, 2006

inspiration ... give-away™

this month
i participated in
photo swap.

the photo above
is the one i sent
to my partner.

one of
the things
that most
inspires me
old buildings.
the more
the better.
i find
such beauty
in the
slow decay
of buildings
they represent
lives and
stories past.
i don't see them
as sad,
but rather
of moments...
that i wasn't
there for...
maybe forgotten.
kind of
the same reason
i love old things
in general...
they have
a history
that should be
in a disposable
this is
than ever.

this photo
is of a house

my friend
took me to
in alaska.
it is in
an old mining town
far off
the beaten track
(if there is one
in alaska)...
i believe her mother
use to stay there
when she was a kid.
the wear and tear
of time,
the house
as though
just left.

everything neat
and tidy.

but everything
was slowly
falling apart
as nature
took back
the house.
i was
in love with
the floor...

the colors...

the light...

i borrowed
by friend's camera
to take photos
[hence not
the best shots].

for my
swap partner
i framed
the photo
in a shadowbox

so she could
put objects
on top
and make it
her own
i painted
the frame
to mimic
a window

looking into
this house.

i hope
she likes it.

i received
my photos

thank you

other swap photos

i am having
keeping up
with packages
this time
of studying.
so only
one item
a week
for a while
i will try
to make it
good one.

1. check
the guidelines
before you claim,
2. email me
with your address!
3. please pay

(i am a student).


vintage fig print
vested gentress
wrap skirt

taken by lily

it's size 4-
26/27" waist
and 29" long.
please don't
cut this up!

it's such
a tragedy
to cut up
vintage clothes
they are
beyond hope-
this one is in
perfect condition.
it's on
fabric, lined
beautifully made
so claim it
if you think
it will fit
and enjoy!

until next...


Anonymous said...

I'd love the green skirt if it's still available! it's hard finding vintage things in my size. I love the images of your friend's house, it really has a soul.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh- that first photo is fabulous- it's calling out for us to come in and explore around. I love what you wrote about the decay of buildings-I am fascinated by that too,the layers of history & aging.My girls always liked stories about old buildings and love to explore in them when we come across them. I really like how you presented your photo to your swap mate. I like how you thought of a way for her to make it her own.
And that fig skirt is fantastic- what great fabric.
Big sigh of satisfaction - what a fine Monday post!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

wow, those house photos are bee-you-tee-ful. i love the outside pic and the sink pic especially! i am with you on objects (and houses) having histories/stories/meanings.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are absolute beauty. Thank you for sharing these with us. I agree with you, the patina of aged buildings is one that appeals to me as well.

shari said...

okay. i'm officially in love with your alaska house photos! oh. my. goodness!!! when you come to visit, we can go on a photo walk in downtown durham. i love old buildings and urban decay. so inspiring i think. take good care gwen. how's the studying coming? xo s

Carson said...

There's a beautiful and slightly melancholy mood about your alaskan house photos.
Very silent, like the wind's been blowing though.
And reminiscent of Judy Becker's set design for Jack Twist's childhood home in Brokeback Mountain; similar mood. Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your photos, I especially enjoy the mood in the one of the bedroom.

sooz said...

Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photographs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm taken a back. That post was so beautiful and had so much feeling. Very, very soulful. The colors and forms from the photos still leave fuzzy visual impressions in my mind. It was like a miniature novella. Even the ending with the fig skirt tied it all together.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, i love how you describe old buildings - i also feel the same about them!!! And the photos are amazing!! so much character...have a lovely non-stressed week ;)xx

pixiegenne said...

i love those photos so much - thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the colours, the light... and so very, very neat & tidy. Beautiful photos... especially the one of the single chair. Wonderful.
take care, g

Anonymous said...

What an amazing place - that old house. Incredible. I'd say your pics turned out just fine/more than fine!

Anonymous said...

the photos of that old house make me so intrigued. it's my dream to go into an abandoned house.

Anonymous said...

Wow! your definitely one of my favorites in the photo swap pics ;) I love how you used a shadowbox to give the photo depth, very creative. That entire house looked amazing, even with all it's so called imperfections, which is what I think makes it beautiful. Thanks for sharing that little tour of the house & the meaning behind your photo!

Have a great day! xoash

Anonymous said...

you really give-away beautiful inspiration :)
love that house and your beautiful photos!! that floor is amazing!

Anonymous said...

ooh, that house, can I just have a replica built here wright now!! I love is like the house in my dreams, just perfect. Beautiful photo's... :)

Anonymous said...

oh i just adore that house!!!! wow. have a lovely day! xo, mav

Anonymous said...

wow...that old house is just amazing. i just love everything about it. i particularly love the floors. they are just beautiful.

Eero said...

Hi B-H,
At first I didn't know how I felt about your posting pix of our's a special kind of secret shrine for my family. I was thinking if I needed to ask you to remove the images because it feels wrong to have such a secret place out on the internet for everyone to see... Now that I've read everyone's comments, it seems that they feel what you did when I took you there and the general consensus is a respectful fascination. It's okay, afterall. (I found a 'new' old house to love! Check it out on my blog!! If you come up here for bike touring, I'd love to show it to you---accessible only by canoe! Yay!)

lisa solomon said...

oh gwen that house is the most amazing thing..... your shots are lovely w/ or w/out your own camera. wow.... so dreamy to come upon a treasure like that!! i hope you posted them to flickr!

jen said...

wow, those pictures are amazing! i love the shadow box you created. thanks for participating in my photo swap. i'm sure your partner is very happy!!