Friday, March 03, 2006

value village and henry orient

friday came fast this week! i had all these plans but…

the week zoomed by.
fortunately i don’t have plans this weekend
so i can get a lot of research and crafting done.
i hope.

astrid and i did get to value village today.
i think that i have gotten her hooked on the village.

finds for mar 3:

1. pillowcase for fabric

marimekko-esque pillowcase
to be used future quilting project.

2. thread carry case

not-the-prettiest-yellow thread carrying case.
good for portable hand-sewing projects.

3. more belts for buckle collection

i always need these types of belts that snap for belt buckles.
i am crazy about belt buckles.
belt buckle shown here was not purchased at the village
but rather is a gift from a friend.
she bought it at an antique store i think.

4. vintage tray

i needed a tray to carry my sewing stuff
in the apartment.
i was using an old bauhaus art book
and was on the hunt for a tray.
ask (be patient) and you shall receive from the value village gods.

5. modern busts

this is the find that made my trip.
i am not sure if they are old but they are very cool and modern.
only $6.46 for the large one
and $6.86 for the small one- huh?!
pricing logic is one of the great value village mysteries.
my find of the day.

tonight i will relax with grub
and watch one of my favorite movies-
the world of henry orient.


Tracykins said...

I was nearby and on a whim, stopped in at the village. No take-home items today for me. But nice finds on your part. The tray is cool.

Anonymous said...

nice busts.
that reminds me i need to cruise by the village. building a retaining wall in the front yard. got some big rocks. should be lots of fun.