Wednesday, February 07, 2007


i am off
to seattle
for the
my brother's

ballard fetherston

if you are in
the seattle area
on friday night,
come on by!

ash, eero,
and i
will be there!

look for me,
i'll be wearing
this vintage

{with the red shoes,
not one red
and one brown}

can you
guess my
color scheme?

i will be
dropping off
some purses
purse factory
if you want
to check them
out in person...

ash and i
may work
on a little
purse collaboration
{sly heart?}
{bug fox?}
and i
will be sure
to drag her
on some
value village
of course
there will be
a cupcake
photo shoot

{if only
the cupcake queen}
could be there
but maybe
a west coast pony
will make
an appearance}.

can you tell
i am excited?!
so i will be gone
until tuesday
[i may get in
a secret squirrel
from seattle post]...

i leave you with
corners of my home
one sunny

have a good
rest of
the week!


Kerstin Svendsen said...

your new apt looks nice!

shari said...

have fun in seattle gwen! i wish i could come too. will be looking forward to your return (and your photos). i heart your new apartment by the way! xo s

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so excited, I may just burst!
your outfit is going to be precious, it's much cuter than what I will probably dig up :)

and Sam and I like the "bug-fox" combo!

I will be happy to pay a visit to the "Village of Value"
I live right up the street from one!

see ya friday night!

bikeandbeer said...

aha! so that's why when i arrived today at work you said i was the perfect red and brown match.... ;-) have fun! xo

f. pea said...

have a fabulous time with the west coast crew!! i can't wait to hear stories and see pictures!

lisa solomon said...

i *wish* i was coming... in spirit, K?

take good pics of your brother's show - i really want to see his work in real life someday....

and big hug to ashb

[did you get the same red shoes as moi? ;)]


Anonymous said...

Wow, your brother's painting is wonderful, I wish I could be there for the exhibition. Love your apartment, the light, retro furniture, looks so cozy. Lots of exciting things, have a fabulous time!

julie said...

what a beautiful painting and you have really succeeded in making your new apartment gorgeous like the last one...its all about your warm and lovely xxx

have a great time..

Janet said...

I am delurking finally because so much to comment on. i love love love your blog and enjoyed your Paris posts sooooooooo much. Congratulations to your brother, great work, I adore your apartment and you could probably get away with one shoe one boot at an art show! Enjoy your weekend, know you will x

Anonymous said...

have so much fun, gwen. your brother's work is so gorgeous. wow. give ash a hug for me and that shop where your purses are going is beautiful!! big hug. safe travels.

amisha said...

have a wonderful time!
i love the images from your home... the light and colors... gorgeous.

jen said...

your brother's work is beautiful! have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your bro on his show! I am so jealous you will be in Seattle - I will have to tell Dacia to stop by the show and be on the look out for you in your cutey-cute dress!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Seattle adventure in your colour coded wardrobe of brilliance.
take care, g xo

Anonymous said...

your brother´s work is so amazing!!!!!
love your stylish opening outfit ;)