Friday, May 26, 2006

better living through chemistry

i remember a book,
i think it was a textbook
or a book my dad had
around the house called
better living through chemistry.
you see,
my father is a chemist
so i have had
quite the review
of college chemistry
during his visit.
last night
the real chemist
in him came out
when he started
making drinks...

he reformulated
a drink for grub..
based on a drink
called the daisy duke.
how appropriate since
grub always walks around
in short shorts...heh.
my dad was mixing
and experimenting
like a true chemist.
it was fun to watch!
now that's
my idea
of better living
through chemistry

my apartment
is a battlezone
that only a bout
of visitors can bring...
i did have a little
corner that looked
in the
early morning sun.
so here is
a corner of my home:

the little frames
are beautiful prints
from mav
and those
leather cubes
were our former couch,
aka the cubes
of discomfort
now we just pile
crap on them
in the bedroom.

i have received
a wave of packages
this week...
is there anything
as wonderful
as snail mail?

as promised
are my packages
from one of
my favorite
craft artists,
lizette greco.
it was truly
love at first sight
when i first saw
her work
on flickr.
when i saw her
lantern fish
i just had to have it.
the package
was the image
of beautiful

i bought a cuff
for my friend:

some burping towels
for more friends:

and look
my lantern fish
with this amazing caterpillar
she made me:

a girl after my own heart.
i can't tell you
how long i have wanted
a caterpillar softie.
and he is so soft
although he looks
thank you so so much
i am thrilled!

then there were
the paper packages...
and do i love paper...
i swear you'll get a peek
at my collages
this weekend!
i participated
in the
sweet pea swap
and received this beautiful package
from the organizer
of the swap herself,
she is the queen of paper
so i feel so honored
to get a package
from her.
so carefully and beautifully
put together:

look at the wonderful
handmade card (above)!
thank you so so much ellia.
it is wonderful!!!

i also receieved
a lovely package
from far away
with more beautiful paper
from aja...
there was so so much paper
i couldn't believe it:

thank you very much aja,
you spoiled me!

and just when
i thought that
i was in heaven
i received
more paper from
the oh-so-talented
in danmark:

she even included
some vintage
danish magazines
and some lovely
vintage wallpaper-like
paper in
shades of green.
i love all the paper!
thank you!!!

at this point
you must think
this means
i have enough paper?
i just can't get enough.
how i mentioned
a vintage paper swap?
i have a few people
who are on my list
to mail paper packages:
dacia ray,
let know if i forgot someone
or you would like
to participate:
bugheart(at) gmail(dot) com.
i will email everyone
this next week
and send you
your bugheart paper package
by june 15th.

with mikaj
and the village!


Anonymous said...

OMG - it's like CHRISTMAS in your mailbox. As a fellow paper-lover it is making me positively dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Im really glad that you like it ... enjoy and have fun!

shari said...

such wonderful packages. i adore all of that paper and the goodies from lizette are so cool. oh! and i've been interested in doing something similar with my cards from mav. love how you have them displayed. cheers, shari

Shanna said...

wow! what great loot! i'm so envious of people who can create with paper! paper and i just don't get along!