Thursday, May 25, 2006

collection collective: katasha's unusuals

wednesday is time
the collection collective.

featured collection
is another
selection of clothing
from my closet...

i have collected skirts
by katasha's unusuals
for several years now.
i learned about
these skirts
a when
i found this skirt
a thrift store
in NC:

i was attracted to
the bold patterns
and silkscreened fabric.
i love silkscreened fabrics
like the more
familiar marimekko.

these wrap skirts
are all my katasha's unusuals

my favorite
is the yellow
bunny pattern
but i am also
smittened with
the giraffe
and hippo pattern.

i don't know too much
about this company
(they really should
have a fashion
research site on the web).
i know that
the early labels
look like this:

and the later labels
look like this:

this company is
based out of vermont
and all the patterns
are original silkscreened fabrics.
it seems that
they produced
mostly wrap skirts
until the mid-70s
or 80s
and sold them
to boutiques.
i haven't come across
but wrap skirts.
let me know
if you have found
anything else!
they seem to
be more plentiful
in pennsylvania
(most of mine
are from thrift stores
from ebay sellers
in pennsylvania).
i can't explain
the logic
of that!
if there
are any vermonters
out there
let me know
if they are plentiful
in katasha's home state.
i have to say
that this is
by far my favorite
from the past.
i love them
because it
was such
a small production
are by far
the most
to me.

what do you collect?
please join
the collection collective
and show us your collections!

on a completely different note...
i received
a wonderful package
from philippa.
she was the recipient of
a swirl dress
in the give-away™
her package was
beautifully wrapped:

and had many
lovely goodies inside,
fine english tea
(even the english's
version of lipton
far surpasses
the finest
of american teas)...

and she
also mailed
bug prizes:

thank you
so much philippa!!!
you are too sweet.
your package
is amazing
and made my day!
she also mailed me
a postcard for
the give-away™
which i will post on monday
with all the newest
give-away™ postcards!

and now for something
completely different...

i finally put some
of my felted items
in my
etsy shop:

please do check out
my shop
and tell your friends!
this is from
the batch of purses
that were part of
the winter collection
at Fancy.
you can buy
them here!

thursday corners,
paper swaps,
and my packages
from lizette!

have a
wonderful evening!


lisa solomon said...

thank you for alerting me to the collection collective!

what great skirts you have [to go w/ that great pyrex!]

Anonymous said...

Unusuals, indeed. Wow - they are really fun skirts. That rabbit in the garden has so much character! I think they are perfect for your personality (or the part of your personality that has come out in your blog/comments/emails!)

shari said...

i love your skirt collection. wow! your felted items are so lovely, too. i'm enjoying your blog. cheers, shari

Tracykins said...

Giraffes and lollipops. How cute! They are my favorite!

f. pea said...

My favorite bug is the spider.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it all made it to you safely :)

Anonymous said...

Oh lord those are awesome skirts!! That yellow bunny pattern is amazing. Out of Vermont no less, how interesting.

Shanna said...

love the skirts! they remind me of a more wild version of the Vested Gentress.

Jay said...

I love those fabrics... and the giraffes are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your skirt collection is so lovely. I just had to comment..I ran across your blog while researching for the Katasha's label, so your post was very helpful, thank you. I recently found a "turtles in love" wrap skirt by this label.