Saturday, May 20, 2006

visitors ... village friday

my apartment is full.
my dearest pal
from nc,
is here in dc
for a conference
and my father
decided to come to town
on thursday,
instead of friday
in order to get home
quicker for
my sick mother.

so thursday
the apartment was
full with my dad,
grub and me.

then grub left for
a furniture design fair
(convenient excuse)
in NYC...
it's been quite a busy
few days with no time
to myself or
to blog.

before my father
f.pea and i
went to high tea
at the
willard intercontinental:

i had made
a reservation
for my mother and i
but since
f.pea loves tea
as much as i do
we decided to
go ourselves
a scope it out.
we gorged on
tea treats
and then rushed off
to her convention
gayla for
beyond pesticides
while poor grub
picked up my dad
and went to
a nice meaty dinner.

i did take a
thursday corner
was so picturesque
in the kitchen corner:

my father
came up with me
to school
and worked in my office
making appointments
while i fed caterpillars
and snuck off
to value village!
i needed some time
and i need
my little traditions.

was out of town...
so it was just me
but it was
just what i needed-
some great village finds.
astrid is going to kill me
when she finds out
it was 50% off all rings
that afternoon!

here are my finds for friday:

1. vintage clutch purse

i have wanted
this style of purse for a while.
to justify buying a purse
when i am trying to pare down
my purses,
i gave one of my own purses
to f.pea when i got home
(after she rightfully
scolded me).

2. sewing box

i bought this
for lizette
because she wanted
the one
that eero got
in the great monday give-away™.

3. wooden doll

i really loved this doll!
each piece all fits
onto a dowel
so you can put them
in different orders.
i am not sure if it is
vintage or new
but it's
damn cool.
reminds me of
sofie taeuber's puppets.

4. weird toy

f.pea reproached me
for buying this
cheap plastic
piece of junk...
it's one of those
japanese pet things
i always wanted...

5. german vase

cool german-made vase
by Bavaria (Jaegerilo).
loved the floral pattern.

6. danish knives

great wooden handles.
pribably danish made
but not sure.

7. german book

das theresianische wien
circa 1979.
maybe for collage.
maybe to read.

8. ring and necklace

i looked through the rings
they were half off.
i thought
that i would find
a nice turqouise one
for astrid
but i wasn't sure...
i did find this cool
modern ring for me
and a tiny
butterfly pendant!
you can see i need
big chunky jewelry
for my field biologist hands.

that's all from
the village...
quite some interesting finds
for the day!

when my father and i
returned home
the afternoon light
was beautiful
so i took
a few more
corners of my home:

f.pea and i had tea.
my dad had tequila
and he told
us many stories:

later we went out
to cheap chinese food
and listened to more
of my dad's stories.
f.pea and i
drank a flaming volcano
and the stories
got more and more

guest post
by f.pea!

hope you are all
having a wonderful


gray la gran said...

it's soooo weird to see ms. f.pea on another blog. it's virtually bizarre! i hope you both are having a grand time, none the less.
(gasp) and the tequila ... yum yum yum !

Shanna said...

wow! what fantastic finds! i seriously need to find a value village! it seems like the coolest things come from there!

Jay said...

Wow... I love the vase! You have got so much great stuff there, AND you got to hang out with Fawn... fun! Those drinks looks bloody dangerous though.

hillary said...

great finds! love that wooden doll!!

Tracykins said...

High tea sounds so fabulously fancy! And spot is too cute - what a minimalist kitty - matching the b&w floor! Glad you enjoyed your visitors!