Friday, May 26, 2006

empty apt on a village friday

although spot
seemed to like
my dad,
she's glad
to have
her couch back.

it was the perfect day
for rain.
a day to clean up
and get inside stuff
and lunch with
a good friend
who just got back
one of my favorite places
where another dear friend
lives (with her new baby!)...

we hand
a lovely lunch
of pizza
during the
few sunny hours
of the day...

the perfect way
to end the week.

then i headed
to school
with a quick stop
at the village...

here are my finds for friday:

1. pyrex bowl

don't worry,
this is not for me...
it's for sooz
to fit into
her other 2 bowls!

2. givenchy scarf

ooh ah
i was attracted
to the design
and bright colors
without knowing
it was fancy schmancy.

3. vintage papers

some papers
for the paper swap!

4. vintage amelia earhart suitcase

i know that
i don't need another
vintage suitcase
but this is an
amelia earhart
amelia is my hero.
these suitcases
are quite rare
and sell for
a bundle on ebay.
this means
that another suitcase
will show up
in the next

5. lovely pillowcase

this pattern
is just like
the skirt
that astrid
gave me.
it will proably end up
as a top
or bag.

that's all from
the village today...
not a bad day...

now it's time
for a relaxing
home alone
with grub.

have a
wonderful weekend.


Shanna said...

wow! you had a good thrifting day too!

shari said...

superb finds, i'd say! i really love the red suitcase. also...such a sweet photo of your kitty. have a great weekend!

Jay said...

Aw, Spot looks adorabubble! Can Jack come over and snooze too?!
Great finds... love the suitcase!? What sorts of papers do you collect... I've got a stack of old sheet music if you're interested (too hard for me to play - I'm self-taught - and bought in an op-shop buying frenzy!).

bikeandbeer said...

no wonder the saleswoman at mustard seed said "it looks like it was made out of a bed sheet...". well, now you have the pillowcase! :-)

Anonymous said...

What is up with your village? It has the BEST stuff ever. Seriously! I am very, very jealous :)

sooz said...

OH MY GOD! You are just too too kind! It's so spooky, I finally got your postcard out today, came home from the post office to catch up on my blogs which I have so neglected of late and look what I find! I can tell you the other two bowls get a work out around this place - I love them and they are a perfect size for a self-saucing pudding or a macaroni cheese, a salad...endless possibilities.

By the way - I love watching catepillars too. I so want you to come to tea!!!