Friday, April 07, 2006

white thursday

it is thursday
in the week of colors
and/or brown
and/or black.
i am not terribly fond
of black or brown
so here are some
images of white
white thursday:

no dc spring photo
is complete without:

shades of white fabric
at the fabric store:

light on the sink:

and the last
of the felted egg cozies-
the little white mouse:

on my brown couch.

more color photos here.

i have loads of packages
to mail
projects to finish.
i am itching to make
a felted collembola

the village!

1 comment:

Beta said...

Is a softie a stuffed animal? Can you guess which link of yours I clicked on? I'll try to find a .jpg of that fuzzy caterpillar I was talking about.