Friday, March 24, 2006

value village friday

finds for march 24:

1. mannequin head

a few weeks ago i passed up
a vintage mannequin bust-
won't let that happen again.
i can use this strange head to display my hats:

2. vintage california pottery pot

time to bring plants into the office for spring!

3. vintage plates

something i thought eero might like...

4. misc. items

other random items...
a cute handsewn a-line dress (hope it fits!),
socks for sock softies,
and strange device
for making flowers and afghans(?!?).

this weekend...
volunteer at the Rachel Carson Open House
work on my felted egg cozy design
(it's similar to this design)
for the egg cozy swap...
oh, and get a ton of schoolwork done.
until monday
(and the the great monday give-away™)...
have a wonderful spring weekend.


bikeandbeer said...

i hope your dress fits! mine fits perfectly, amazing. (or not. i am known for buying clotes without ever trying them on). i am sooo ready for summer...

Eero said...

Are those plates Shenango?
I've never seen that design..

f. pea said...

I like the pottery and the cute green dress. How was the Rachel Carson house?

sooz said...

Love that hat! Only new to your blog (via Flickr) but LOVE YOUR WORK. I'm a felt freak :-)