Thursday, April 06, 2006

self portrait and swap-o-rama

another busy week.
i am trying to catch up…

i missed
self portrait tuesday.
the new challenge is
april fool
the first thing that
came to mind
is a flip book
that i had
when i was a kid.
you know,
the kind in which
each section of the body
could be flipped.
you could give the cat body
a cow’s lower third
and a frog’s upper third
so i played around
with that idea here:

i am attempting another
little photo challenge-
a week of colors
posed by
the focus of this challenge
are certain colors
each day:

yellow monday

blue tuesday

green wednesday

you can see more
color photos here.

i finished and
mailed out my scrap
ribbons and paper
for the
sweet pea swap.
this is a peek
at what i mailed:

i made a brown felt
envelope for my
swap pal's papers.

i also mailed out
my felted cozies
to ottawa
for the
egg cozy swap.
i will show you photos
of the cozies
when i finish the last batch.

later this week
my paper swap with sabine
i am so excited –
she makes such beautiful work!
also my package for the
april color-iffic swap-o-rama .
yes, i know,
i am swap crazy.
i am so addicted!


f. pea said...

you are the super-swapper. i just stuffed a bunch of paper & ribbon in a padded mailer and shipped it off... i don't even remember what i put in there! *sigh* i'm a bad swapper. i like your happy yellow stockings! reminds me of twelfth night.

Anonymous said...

Super swapper for sure! And I have to add that those are some rockin' tights!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh you sent some goodies!!!! i hope all goes well with the swap and thanks for participating :D