Sunday, April 09, 2006

a weekend of red

the color for this weekend
is red.

here are some photos
of red
around my flat
on saturday morning…

top of dresser:

tea is the most important meal
of the day:

more yarn:

passenger side seat
on the way to school
this morning:

note: new DC plates!

more color photos here.

this morning
i had another
early sunday breakfast
with rebecca.

perfect way to start the day.

rebecca is on the waiting list
for her 1st-choice school.
please keep
all your fingers
crossed for her!
she is not only
an incredibly beautiful person
in every way
she is also so passionate
about her cause
and the people
who so desperately
need her help-
it would be just plain wrong
for her not to get
the best chance
at pursuing her dreams.

tomorrow is
the great monday give-away™
lots of things up for grabs!
i will also post
some photos of
my weekend craft projects.


Beta said...

I hate when I see a post w/out comments. Just how early are these breakfasts? Do you have a favorite breakfast place in the area? I'd love some tips.

f. pea said...

i am late with the sentiments, but... i love the red weekend. and the tea. muy importante.