Monday, April 03, 2006

value village friday & the weekend round-up

after a rough week
with very little time
for anything fun,
i was rewarded
by a value village trip
chalked full of
interesting finds…
the village
must have gotten
the motherload shipment
from an estate sale
because there were
tons of new items!

finds for march 24:

1. craft supplies

some handmade,
hand-painted white boxes
for collage projects,
bias ribbon,
vintage plastic party parasols
and riso ink (!!!)
for a gocco printer!
i also found these
great old wooden blocks
for craft projects:

2. wooden butterfly toy

great wooden toy
for my nephew or niece
that is on the way...
i figured my brother.
would appreciate a nice
wooden value village toy
for his little one.

3. wooden bird wall hanging

interesting teak bird with metal wing.
not sure if it is vintage...
danish of just from ikea.
i was strangely drawn to it
and was easily
swayed to buy it
for $1.61.

4. vintage books

there were a ton of vintage books
that i couldn’t resist for both collages
and pretty pictures…
check out the inside of
this victorian paper house book.
it has never been used!

5. vera sheets

i was drawn to the bold design
and butterflies
only to discover they
were vintage vera sheets.
maybe i could send one to
who has much more of a knack
for sewing crafts than i do?!

5. clothes

i was overwhelmed by all the clothes
that were new this week!
my favorite find was a pink skirt
with little
green whales
by lilypod.

in addition to
all these great value village finds
my dear thrift shopping pal
found this great vintage skirt for me
at a thrift store this week.

i love the fabric design
and beautiful pleats
on the bottom.
thanks astrid
you are too sweet!

i finally found the
perfect bug belt buckle
on ebay and got it
in the mail this week:

it’s almost my favorite
but my first belt buckle
is still my favorite:

my brother found it while
we were dumpster-diving
in seattle in 1992.
it took me years to bargain
him out of it…
and he has always regretted
giving it to me
(i am a sneaky little sister).

i have been trying to work
on making a dent on my yarn stash
for april’s use what you have challenge
i am starting with the felting yarn:

and i have projects in the works
f. pea
and my new blogger friends
all of them are incredibly talented
and are so sweet and inspiring…
they also have wonderful blogs
so make sure to check them out!

i am done with egg cozies.

i have made 10-
which was far more
than i needed to
for the swap
but they were so quick
to make i couldn’t stop!
i will mail off a pair
to sooz and her daughter
just because
she is so amazing
and she loves
felting as much as i do.

tomorrow it is time
for the 3rd installment of
monday give-away™
don’t miss out!


sooz said...

My gosh what a gorgeous woman you are! Thanks for the kind words - doesn't everyone love felt like us?!

And the value village things look amazing! Dead jealous!! Hope you enjoy it ALL :-)

Tracykins said...

Oh, so many wonderful value village finds! I was totally drawn to the pnk skirt w/whales as soon as I saw the picture!
And your egg cozies are great. I've been in a knitting slump lately. Maybe I need to have some fun and make something silly.

Anonymous said...

You are a pro thrifter! Well, I'd be honored to try to sew up something with vintage vera -- even though I didn't know what it was til I followed your link... Cool. Love that wooden butterfly. Bea has an old bee pulltoy.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is the coolest belt buckle. What a find. Course, looks like you are definitely a pro at finding the goods. I love thrifting, there is something so awesome about buying used, something that has a story.