Friday, March 31, 2006

beavers aren’t blue

i only have a moment today
for a short entry…
to take a break
from working.

i came home early today…
i chose to catch a ride
rather than metro late at night.

i have been metroing home
late each night
madly knitting a cozy.
i think that people must think
i am crazy.
i am told i stick my tongue out
when i am concentrating.

so i came home
and there was still light
in the apartment.

now that means spring-
more hours
of light again!

spot was mad i woke her up.

the most recent
egg cozy line-up
were in the window:

i love how minimal they look
without eyes and such.
i am crazy for
the blue bird’s tail.

isn’t it cute?!
grub says it looks like a beaver.
silly grub,
beavers aren’t blue!

good night.
sweet dreams.


bikeandbeer said...
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bikeandbeer said...

bunnies aren't red either.... still your red bunny egg cozy is a cutie! and a bunny :-)

sooz said...

Love 'em. Almost enough to make me go back to eating boiled eggs...Such eggsellent colours too.

I don't have an email for you, so I'll leave my message here - I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. It feels good to know other people think it's worthwhile talking about it.


very good

f. pea said...

so beautiful... don't ever add any embellishments! just leave them all lined up in your windowsill just so.

Anonymous said...

i adore the vintage red tennis skirt. I play tennis and just cant wear all the white! if its still available i wold love to give it a spin on the court!

Anonymous said...

Yippeee! I got my Sear's sleeveless vintage shirt (from the Great Monday Giveaway!)in the mail this weekend. I love it and it looks even better in person than it did on your website. Thank you so much again!!!!!