Monday, April 03, 2006

the great monday give-away™

has it already been
a week?
time again for
the great monday give-away™!

i acquired quite a lot
of things last friday
at the village
so i need to get rid of things…
but unfortunately i was
a bit rushed this morning
to get my car inspected
before getting to the university,
so i didn't get everything
for the give-away...
poor betty blue
my volvo true
failed her inspection
for the second time.
poor poor betty.

regardless of my rush
this morning
i do have some items
for the the great monday give-away™.
next week i will
be pulling out my
spring and summer clothes
so it should be
a particularly good
great monday give-away™.

i still haven’t gotten
any postcards.
last weeks items are on their way
to the lucky recipients…
don't forget to
send your postcards-
i am excited to get them!

if you are new to
the great monday give-away™
check the rules
on last week's give-away
before claiming an item.
sorry for the poor quality
of the photos-
i was using
grub’s camera.

here we go!

the great monday give-away™

1. vintage scooter dress taken!

ultra mod a-line dress
green and tan/putty color
about 6 or 8 in modern size
probably B to C top size.
i love it but i look like a corpse
in the tan color.

2. vintage floral shoe bag taken!

these old bags were meant
to carry ladies shoes
when they traveled.
i am not a lady,
because i put
my shoes in my suitcase.
it’s in very good condition
and can be easily used
as a purse.

3. vintage blue American tourister carry-on bag taken & off to brazil!

good condition, clean
and the perfect size
for a carry-on
(fits under seat).
also good for a purse
if you carry a lot of
junk around like i do.

4. vintage mod purse taken!

beatle-esque purse.
about 9 x 12 inches.
good condition-
a little frayed on handle.

5. vintage pyrex bowl taken!

medium-sized bowl.
i have to get rid
of a few of these
because how many bowls
does a girl and her chef need?

that’s all for this week.
leave a comment
if you’d like to claim
any of these items
and email your address to me at:
if you want any of these items.

hope they find a good home.

shash of mecozy
has proposed a color photo challenge
this week….
today’s color is yellow
i was groggy this morning
but i tried to dress in yellow...
i realized that i really don’t have
many yellow clothes…
well, not until i take out
my spring and summer clothes.
i don’t really look good in yellow
but this is what i came up with:

here’s a poppy
from my last trip
to california:

more yellow
photos tonight.


sooz said...

Lerve the pyrex! Can't believe what you guys get in your thrift shops! We call ours op shops and you have to make a career out of hunting to pick up the great stuff. Mostly it's stuff people chucked out for good reason. Couldn't possibly ask you to send me anything else - you have been so generous already, but if seriously no one wants that bowl I LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of Use What You Have I shant take any things.. but I love this Great Monday Giveaway idea. Hmmm. Perhaps the idea may spread over to my blog...

bikeandbeer said...

the blue bag is interesting.... i am not claiming it though... giving a chance to other people... but if nobody claims it, maybe i'll take it. imagine, you could get a postcard from my next travel location!

Anna said...

I adore the vintage floral shoe bag! I have a bag thing...if noone wants it I would love to give it a loving home!

MikaJ said...

oh no!
why did betty fail this time?
was it the cracked light?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! That mod black, red and white purse ROCKS. I love mod stuff! OK, so as not be greedy, because I claimed the cute green purse last time (which as soon as I get it, an artsy postcard will be sent!) but if no one claims the beatle-esque purse, I would LOVE it and would for love to send you a "thank you" package in return!

bikeandbeer said...

ok, if by tomorrow evening nobody has claimed the blue bag, i will claim it. i am tired of my black and brown bags.... just got a green one and used it today, and it was fun! now i am going for the blue, baby....

f. pea said...

regular readers reap real rewards... can i claim the dress? (since i know it will fit me...) but you don't have to mail it - i can pick it up in a month! unless you'd like to be rid of it sooner.

can't wait to see your spring wardrobe trunk show!