Monday, March 13, 2006

cute little zenith

i love yoghurt.
my brothers have called me “dairy queen” for years
because i love all things dairy.
i was a vegan for a short time…
but europe killed the vegan in me-
too many yummy flavors of yoghurt.
i discovered a new yoghurt called fage.
it’s a greek yoghurt
and it’s like eating dessert for breakfast.
the best breakfast is yoghurt
with fruit (or jam) and vanilla granola…

and yes, i did coordinate my bowl with my outfit.

another amazing dessert that
i like to eat for breakfast is vla.
this is the dutch’s gift to the world
and the 2nd reason whyi want to be dutch.
my dearest pal annemarie
introduced me to vla
when i visited her for the first time
in amsterdam.
she introduced me to many wonderful dutch things,
including nijntje,
but that is another story entirely.

i went back to the village on 25% off day
because i wanted to get this:

hooray, it was still there!
i am a radio junkie.
my labmates complain that
i talk about national public radio too much.
i grew up listening to mystery theatre
and all the old radio shows
because we did not have television.
i love this cute little zenith.
i am not sure from what era it comes…
1940s? 1950s?
it is now in my new office.
i will post pictures of my new office
when it is all set up.
i just painted the wall of the office
a bright and exciting color.
everyone who walks by
has to comment on it.

currently i am putting
my paper swap packages together
and making little felt pouches
for all the little paper goodies.
i will mail the first one off to camilla
in sweden this week.
the other paper swap mailout isn't until the end of the month.
that little package goes to my paper pal Åsa,
also in sweden!

i just joined
nichola’s postcard swap…
because i have been making these little cards
that will be perfect for the postcard swap.
i am hoping to use
f.pea's gocco printer
to finish them.

i have this new plan.
i want to start giving away
some of my vintage finds via this blog.
i have loads of great vintage items
but no room for all of them.
i can’t bear to simply get rid of them,
so i thought maybe i could sent them out to you.
for example, i have more vintage traincases
than i know what to do with…
would anyone be interested?
i already sent my le cruset kettle
to rooster
let me know what you think.
comment if you’d be interested,
then i will make monday my give-a-way day.


Anonymous said...

the dairy queen strikes again.
must be some girl thing, this love of yogurt. youghurt. jugurt. the dish with many spellings. kiyomi cant get enough of it either, but she is pregnant.


f. pea said...

Whoa - big news, auntie-to-be bugheart!! I was going to say something about the giveaway idea, but I am busy being amazed by Joe's comment! Um, yes... we'll take your stuff. Hey! I could give away your stuff too - pea's attic giveaways, right here every third friday! ;)

Jenna said...

I also love yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast, it gives such a good start for the day.

And heck yeah, I'd love to take some of your village findings off of your hands. Cobra and I will definitely need some stuff for our new place, perhaps you could give us a personal consult :)

Annemarie said...

Vla rules!
Hilarious how we found you at the Amsterdam airport last October with half a liter of vla and a spoon...
Ok, I am drooling now. Is it the pregnancy-thing? Can't get vla at work, need to wait until tonight
Hey, and congrats on becoming an auntie!!!

Ma'ai said...

My mother and I are very big fans of FAGE.

Write your Living Will, and then try it clothed in nothing but a thick ribbon of your favorite honey.