Friday, February 10, 2006

village fridays

It is very cold in DC. we are finally getting winter.
scarves, hats and mittens are on and we are ready for snow tomorrow…
this week i have been feeling all day
like how you feel when you just get up…
unfocused & blurry.
i hope this changes or i am going to be in
a lot of trouble research/exam-wise.
but i took my blurry head to value village for my weekly tradition.
i got back just in time to subscribe to the angry chicken mailorder.
i would have been disappointed to miss it…whew!
so without further adieu, here are…

the finds for today:

1. DANSK white tableware

cost: $44.94 (various prices for ea. item)
not sure how old it is… but it is modern, white and stackable…
i couldn’t resist because all we have is kri kri ware and that pains
my architect partner’s modern minimalist sensibilities.

2. DANSK wooden bowl

cost: $6.46
for yarn or salad, who knows?

3. silver turtle necklace

cost: $2.95
hey, it’s a turtle and it doesn’t take up much room
(more than i can say for the dinnerware).

4. glass storage container

cost: $0.80
80 cents, needs no justification.

5. “alex 1973”

cost: $1.61
these are my favorite type of finds… appears to be hand drawn,
could be a print. damn cute.

6. fallen tree photograph

cost: $6.46
photograph of fallen tree… really weird but i was transfixed….
i couldn’t take a decent picture because the frame glass was filthy…

7. Le Cruset kettle

cost: $4.64
couldn’t pass this up… i don’t really need a kettle (i have been converted to the electric kettles) but these are great kettles and sell for $100. it is in excellent condition and i was hoping that one of you tea drinking types out there could use it. let me know. i would love to pass on the good finds.

8. amazing fabric

cost: $2.95
…and a lot of it…
several yards of amazing blue and black marimekko-type flowers.
great find!

i really wanted to get this crazy huge pyrex beaker

it was about 18 inches high… but it was $40
i couldn’t justify spending that kind of money for a decorative item…
four bucks, yes… fourty = out of control.

today is also the opening ceremony of the knitting olympics!
i should be more excited like my fellow Olympic competitors but my Olympic project is to get a project that i have been dreading done…
i think that i will be very excited when it is done!

in other news…

tomorrow i am going to get glasses so that i stop getting headaches- hooray… i have always loved glasses – i have a weakness for nerd-core girls…

and i discovered a new painter through my brother that i really like. check out deborah bell’s work here… she also has her work showing in ballard (Seattle) and at a gallery in Canada (Vancouver?)… it’s even better in person.

i would love to hear your review of my finds… let me know what you liked and what you thought i should have passed up… consider yourself my coach for the value village olympics!


rooster said...

wow! i can't believe all the stuff you got for such good deals. i love the dishes. i love the turtle. i love the tea kettle! you need to take me there so i can furnish my kitchen. it could be like a vacation and you are the tour guide!

bugheart said...

hey... do you need a nice tea kettle? i would love love love to mail it to you.

MikaJ said...

so...i hate to ask...but how is school going?

rooster said...

i do! but, i must have something to trade! maybe an iou on something in the future!

bugheart said...

rooster, email me your address:
it's going...ummm... okay.

bugheart said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MikaJ said...

that's not good...
hopefully we can talk about it tomorrow...

seal said...

If the tea kettle still needs a home, I'd gladly take it off your hands. If you're going to SnB on Thursday I can trade you for cash...

bugheart said...

sorry seal...
promised it to rooster already...
but i will hunt for one for you!

Tracykins said...

I have that same turtle charm. No joke. Got it as a gift some years ago from my parental units, I believe. And I know someone with a similar gigantic beaker...they have a stopper and use it to make tasty homemade wine. A little fruit juice, a little yeast, and a little luck - Voila!