Saturday, March 11, 2006

minimalism is passé

friday was amazing…
sunny and warm!
walking to school from the metro
took forever yesterday because
i had to stop and take so many photos.
my day 10.

i needed to get a lot done friday
but it didn’t seem to be in the cards.
value village,
bubble tea with joan
heading back to dc for a haircut
in the early evening
little was accomplished.

colloquim was on wine-making
so we did get wine with lunch
but unfortunately it wasn’t very good
because it was maryland wine.

now a complete value village junkie,
and i made a quick trip to the village
before my bubble tea date with joan.

my value village finds for march 10:
1. more pyrex bowls

i need more pyrex bowls
like i need a hole in the head…
but they had so many of them!
i just got a few smaller ones.
grub is not going to be pleased.

2. vintage box

i love wooden boxes.
great for storage or for gifts.

3. linen top

i was drawn to the pattern.

4. vintage key west skirt

this was a great find!
besides the cute butterfly pattern…
key west skirts are a great vintage find.
at vintage stores they sell them for a bundle.
a whole slew of designers in the 50s and 60s
made bold-patterned fabric and clothes
for rich white tourists
under the key west name.
lilly pulitzer is one of the most reknown.

6. vintage quilt

there were a lot of great vintage quits there yesterday.
but at $14 each i had to settle on just one.
i loved the pattern on this one…
isn’t it so darned cute?!
here are some more details:

a very good day at the village.
especially since we were limited on time.

i finally gave joan
her very belated birthday present
(her birthday was in september-
yes, september):

she works on the genetics of pea aphids
so i felt she needed a little pea aphid notebook.

then i headed back to dc
for my haircut…
walking down 17th
i saw this:

she/he was enjoying the beautiful evening
and all the foot traffic at the end of the day!

grub and i both got a haircut
(mine is short now!)
and then i took grub to
this new modern restaurant
that just expanded.
they have beautiful ceiling lamps
made out of silkworm coccons!
although grub thought the restaurant was cool…
it wasn’t cool enough for the next restaurant book.
grub thinks minimalism is passé
but can’t figure out what the next big trend will be.
stay tuned.


Beta said...

I LOVE the photo of the dog checking out his/her neighborhood!

Btw, Erich had a suggestion for a new yahoo group name if we have to change ours, but he's afraid we'll give the wrong impression about what we do: "F#@$ Sew Fast Sew Easy". I thought it was amusing, though still "illegal" because of the name thing...

bikeandbeer said...

that dog on the window was awesome... i always wonder what keeps them from jumping even on first floor windows, or car windows for that matter, when they stop. they probably like to watch, just like mr. gardener on being there....

f. pea said...

minimalism is passe?!? poor grub! what's he going to do for a living now that his craft is old hat? great skirt - if you ever decide to sell your key west collection, you'll be rich!!

rooster said...

Okay, you have some value village. We have a Savers here and the finds are few and far between. You hit the jackpot every week!

That quilt is incredible! And the butterfly skirt. It is funny b/c I got a cotton, orangish butterfly pattern skirt over the weekend. Mine was not a cool vintage find, but nonetheless we are consitantly doing the same things just miles apart!

I am catching up on blogging. Reading everyone else's first!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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