Wednesday, March 15, 2006

self portrait tuesday: pi day

a windy morning.
the sky was quite spectacular
after the early morning rain:

another entry for
the self portrait challenge.
march’s challenge is time.

in theory i should do something
over the period of a week…
but that would require some forethought.
forethought is not my forte.
since last week
i did an hourly self portrait
this time i decided to do
a self portrait in a few minutes
i wanted it to be clock-like…
like the old timer for
the 60 minutes show
but my photoshop skills
were not at their sharpest
after teaching all day.

so instead…
in honor of
pi day
(that’s 3-14 to us nerds)
i decided to celebrate
with clock/pie pieces
of a few minutes
of my drive to school this morning
(photos not taken while in motion).

tomorrow i will start on my
weekly self portrait.
but tonight
i will have mushroom parpadel
and an episode (or 2 or 3)
of alias...
before i get some work done.


MikaJ said...

you should have taken your pic
at the pi sculptures on campus!
they are super!
am i ever going to see you again?
) :

f. pea said...

oh the sky! goodness, that was dramatic. i like your pi pics, and i am envious of your adorable tights - they have been making it onto "film" quite a bit lately. famous tights!

Tracykins said...

There have been a lot of coordinated tights lately, haven't there? Your sock drawer must be wild!