Thursday, February 09, 2006

oobles the snake

oobles is a ‘children’s' book i made for suzanne’s
(aka west coast pony) 29th birthday.
excuse the photos –
i didn’t get a chance to take the myself, so they are a little blurry.

here’s oobles:

oobles is a vegetarian snake and he gets very sick when he eats meat:

oobles dreams of eating vegetables:

in the story he meets a mouse:

who dreams of eating meat:

i won’t ruin the end of the story for you
but i imagine you get the idea.

so for her 30th very belated birthday she requested an oobles purse.
well, it took a long time…
i am always backed-up on craft projects
(the whole graduate school thing)
but i finally mailed it to her
and she received it last night so i can now
show you pictures!

here is the front of the purse with the mouse
(remained nameless in this story
but he will return in future stories):

here is the back of the purse with oobles:

oobles detail:

a little surprise under the flap:


(i hope it looks like steak)
i imagine that people who have not read "oobles"
will be very perplexed by the steak.

i hope she likes it and i hope you like it too!
it was fun to make for my dear west coast pony.

next special request purse in the works is for f.pea!


f. pea said...

woo hooooo!
i know you couldn't ever out-do the oobles purse, but i am now officially dying of excitement. lucky west coast pony!

suzamaphone said...

FINALLY, i get to look at this post and comment. since you didn't return my thank-you phone call *sniff* i'll say "omg thankyouthankyou iloveitsomuch!" here. it's a really cool purse and yes, it may baffle a few people, but that'll just give me the chance to tell them allll about you and your many talents. *kiss*