Friday, February 03, 2006

friday at the village

finds for today:

not one of the best days at the village.
a definite lull…
today i went with my labmate, astrid.
she found a little bunny coat…

astrid looks so cute
with her bunny.
poor bunny
but it is recylcled bunny…
i think it is okay
if it is recycled.
no destroying the environment for
new cotton or animal fibers
that's better for bunnies anyway.

1. Anna Karenina

cost $1.82
published in 1946.
nice illustrations:

2. red corduroy jacket

cost: $3.95
unnecessary evil,
like i need another corduroy jacket.

3. peach handknit sweater

cost: $1.81
it’s hand knit…
looks better on, i swear
and what a cute checkerboard pattern, no?

that’s all for today.

a word of warning to all you ladies knitting ponchos
this is where they will all end up:

this is truly an ugly one...
but someone out there
once thought that
these colors were stylish.

the oobles purse travels
to west coast pony
in the mail tomorrow.
so hopefully i can post pictures
monday or tuesday…
i plan to get some projects done this weekend
with that old singer !


MikaJ said...

why didnt you buy me that yellow poncho! i would look so hot in that!
esp. if i was only wearing that...hahahaha

f. pea said...

poor anna karenina. you will love her even more than courderoy jackets (if you don't already).

jasmine said...

Maybe the poncho belonged to a German -- isn't that what their flag looks like?

bugheart said...

hey- good point!!!
don't get me started on german hair!
oh gawd- i am german... ahhh i have german hair... maybe i should have bought the poncho!?!