Monday, February 13, 2006

winter for a weekend

As the NE was hit with snow storms
and Cheney was shooting his quail-hunting buddy,
i stayed in DC all weekend deciding not to venture out.
i had plans to study all day saturday
but i ended up cleaning and organizing most of the day…
grub’s architect friend, Kevin, from seattle was in town for a client visit
so our neighbors (also from seattle) joined us for a fancy gourmet meal.
i, of course, being the only vegetarian had to have special options,
kindly cooked for me by grub…
here is one of the courses (my favorite)…
zucchini fritters in a cauliflower cream sauce:

we drove Kevin to his hotel in the wee hours of the morning
and the snow was coming down in big soft flakes-
perfect for snowballs!
the streets were empty
except for the crazy taxi drivers and us.
there was tons of parking everywhere…
something very unusual for a saturday night in DC!

here is a picture from the apartment window at 2am:

the light on a snowing night is amazing.

it was quite spectacular the next morning:

i was able to get a few valentine prizes done
for some of special blogger pals
(just you wait and see!)...
i will post the items when the secret valentine’s
get their prizes in the mail.

although i was unable to watch the olympics (no tv),
i was able to put some time in
on the slippers for the knitting olympics!
i am almost done with the right slipper,
although i fear it is way too big...sigh.
here were the slippers as of Friday evening:

in other news...
i received my new bugheart labels in the mail,
as well as the "lostknits" labels.
this is one of my hair-brained ideas.
i am making these available for 50 cents each
(actual cost to me)
you can sew them on your knitted items
(for you or for friends)
and if they get lost
someone (hopefully)
will email me at lostknits at gmail dot com
and i will send out an email
to all who bought labels from me
alerting them of the lost item.
if it is your item,
i will connect you with the lost item.
just email me at
lostknits at gmail dot com
if you want some labels.
this is what they look like:

now the snow is melting and the week begins...
have a good week!


f. pea said...

i wish we had snow, and zuchinni fritters in cauliflower cream sauce! slobber slobber!

Tracykins said...

This is a really cool idea. I know someone who could have used just such a label when their man left his newly knitted hat in airport security. But those TSA folks probably took it home.