Monday, February 06, 2006

tree shrew surprise

yesterday my friend
had a superbowl party.
it just so happens that
it was on the same day
as his wife versha's birthday...
so it was the vershabowl XXVII!
she doesn't like sports
and neither do i
(even if seattle was playing)...
so i made her a little book cover
as a birthday surprise...
her husband, my fellow grad student,
works on tree shrews in Borneo.
so that's what i put on the cover.
here it is:

here is a detail of the shrew:

i hope she liked it.
i am still getting use to the old singer.


f. pea said...

so! cute! dying!

rooster said...

that is really cool. you have so captured that little creature in a simple cut out--well done! i love the colors--i love all of your fabrics stacked like that, too.

i have a sewing machine and have a list of curtain projects for our house. i took all of the cheesy cheap doors off the closets and doors in our house and i plan to make cool curtains as replacements...some day!

rooster said...

here is the cool mushroom book

it is a geeky sciency book with cool culture info and great sketches of all types of funghi(ha!) and also the pests of funghi!