Thursday, February 02, 2006

old singer

we have an old singer in our lab
for making mesh cages for our bugs.
today i realized it was sitting around
and no one was using it…
i never have space at home
for a permanent place to set up
a sewing machine
so it is always ready for action…
but there is ample room
in the lab.

i am not very proficient with a sewing machine
but this may give me the opportunity to learn.
i can be crafty and scientific
in the same place.

and knitting
together in one place.
could there be
a more perfect union?


f. pea said...

just add tea and stir!

Beta said...

I must confess that I have not used the awesome old singer I bought early last Fall for $15. It was a steal and I was so excited to finally have a sewing machine. But either I'm too intimidated or something else distracts me because I've only taken it out of its case twice since buying it. My Sad Singer
However, I did run to Exquisite Fabrics yesterday with the the intention of picking out fabric to cover our hideous red pillows - I'm sure the sewing machine will see the light of day once I manage to figure out what the hell kind of fabric I want to use.
Your artful posing of photo subjects has not gone unnoticed :)

yosoyjo said...

you and your blog.
besides, youre supposed to be expanding the frontiers of entymology. get back to work.

your brother.