Sunday, February 05, 2006

productive procrastination

the recent addition of
the old singer to my lab
and lisa’s article on whip up
about thrifting for fabric has prompted me
to pull my fabric out and organize it:

currently i am attempting to make book covers
with felt and fabric.
unfortunately, i am pretty lousy on the sewing machine
or the machine is lousy.
one of the two.
this is my favorite fabric in this batch
(i know i have more fabric somewhere…but where?):

i do some thrifting for fabric
but i have this infatuation
with marimekko fabric
You can buy scraps of marimekko fabric by the pound
at a store in town… by the pound!!!
tons of scraps for a handful of change-
my kind of deal.
one of the girls at stitch-n-bitch told me about it.
thanks mel!
i have this plan to make a marimekko quilt
but i am not a good quilter…
so i am hoping that i can get my sister,
who is an amazing quilter,
to teach me someday soon…

i also decided to organize my vintage buttons
which were in tons of ziplock bags.
so last night i sat down to organize my buttons
while watching some episodes of the OC
(i don’t have tv but i am shameless addicted
to stupid tv series shows… but hey,
ira glass watches the OC…).

i am so picky about color categories that i need to buy
another storage container to house the remaining buttons
that currently lay sorted on my couch
(please don’t eat any buttons while i am at school spot!).
i did find a 3-hole button.
i don’t think that i have ever seen
a button with 3 holes:

now i have to get back to research
so that i can take another break
to finish my tree shrew book cover
for the “vershabowl” party tonight.


Beta said...

I love sorting collections. Its so calming and gives me this odd satisfied/productive feeling. Care to share which fabric store you referred to? I went to exquisite fabrics the other day but only saw about 5 or 6 prints I really liked. I decided that the first project to break in the sewing machine will be pillow covers to match the living room.

f. pea said...

hey baby, you can organize my buttons any time!

bugheart said...

crate and barrel outlet store in alexandria.