Tuesday, February 07, 2006

self portrait tuesday

i decided to jump
on the self portrait tuesday bandwagon.

the February challenge is
"all of me"
embrace your mistakes, love the ugly bits.

i found this an interesting challenge
because it is the exact reason
why i began photography...
i like to be behind the camera
instead of in front of it.
i am not photogenic.
it runs in my family.
which means i look
horrendous in photos...
mouth open,
shadows under my eyes,
ugly moles,
you name it...
so this week i show you
"my bad side" ...
i usually only allow release of photos
that show my good side,
but here is my bad side:

i purposely sit on the metro, busses, and trains
with my bad side towards the window.
no joke.
i prefer to be a passenger in a car for the same reason.
i am not a vain person
but i take a lot of portraits
so i know that people have
angles that are flattering
and angles that aren't.
well. this is my worst angle.


f. pea said...

your worst angle looks pretty cute to me.

bugheart said...

that's why i heaart you ms. pea.

bugheart said...
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MikaJ said...

why do you always look so sad and serious in your pictures?