Saturday, February 25, 2006

end of the week round-up

this was my thursday:



above photo by mikaj

friday i had plans to go to the
american craft council baltimore show
with the stitch-n-bitch gals…
it was going to be a good day.
the sun was shining,

i had on some fancy stockings,

and i was carrying too much to school as usual
(bugheart, aka bag lady).

a morning of meetings and colloquium
was followed by
the obligatory trip to value village
before heading to baltimore.
astrid was my village shopping companion.

finds for feb 24:

1. storage stuff

the theme color for my lab is orange,
so needed the plastic tote and
containers with metal-closey-things are cool.

2. counselor pink scale

i guess i need a scale but it’s pink!!!
It’s called a counselor...
what a twisted a name for a scale.

3. brown belt

belt buckle is v.v. find from last year.

4. sewing stuff

5. handmade apron

looks like someone made it for the cooking class
because “Virginia Frazier Pot I” is written on the inside.
i have been interested in learning how to make aprons
because of the tie one on
monthly apron show and tell.

a very mediocre day at the village.
but i was too damned excited to go to the craft show.
one of my favorite artists, jenny mendes
was going to be there…

the trip to the craft show,
f. pea’s craft table challenge
and a book meme
from latoya...

1 comment:

f. pea said...

i think that belt illustrates the beauty of the weekly VV trip - look how gorgeously it combines with the belt buckle! a VV find from one year ago! what synchronicity.