Wednesday, February 22, 2006

attention to detail

there’s nothing like starting out a snowy morning
with some facon.

yes, fake bacon.
looks like playdough, tastes exactly how i remember bacon tasting.
god’s gift to vegetarians.
speaking of bacon, here is my new favorite site.
is it terribly wrong for a vegetarian to love a site called i heart bacon?
it is all cute and pink afterall…
why i didn’t think of it?!

i was flipping through
one of my favorite craft books last night

for some ideas for pillows to make this weekend
from my felted sweaters…
here are some of the ideas in the book:

this book is a gift from my friend eero.
i just discovered that she has a blog!
check out sweet pixels
not only is she an amazing artist and crafter
but she tells the most hysterical stories…
(no pressure eero!)
she is also a thrift shopping queen.
really the only person that i am not related to
that can keep up with me.
attention thrift shoppers, check out thriftcraft!
a new creation of wee wonderfuls.

i received Saguaro bear in the mail
from abby:

she makes handmade animals and dolls and such
that you can buy here.
her stuff is really adorable.

while i am on the subject of raving about people…
sarah of the small object
is my new favorite person…
i really am enamored with her work
and attention to detail
i bought one of her maps and a stick family portrait
check out all the little notes and descriptions
that she encloses with her mailed items:

tiny, perfectly gocco-ed notes and instructions.
it’s rare to find someone who takes their craft that one step further
to include the wrapping and presentation of their work.
it really makes a difference!
she is incredible.


f. pea said...

i am so grateful to you and grub for turning me on to the facon last winter. i just ate some for breakfast on sunday! it's also delicious on cheddar & avocado sandwiches - yum!

MikaJ said...

yeah yeah, you and your gocco printer!!

suzamaphone said...

dude. this is what you really need in the morning. or what i need, anyway, because i eat the real bacon and know that facon barely tastes like it. also, there was the food-poisoning by facon and i've never really forgiven it.

Tracykins said...

So many fabulous things to look at...and distract myself from work. bad bugheart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the dolls - they are gorgeous!
I loooove fakin' bacon - its delish! I will be trying the vegan diet next month and can't wait to begin to eat some cooked foods. For February I tried the raw vegan diet and have been doing good. You'll have to read more about it at my blog...Also, while you're there copy those questions about books you've read because: Tag, You're It!
Knit on!