Saturday, January 28, 2006

friday at the village

Every friday i go to value village.
it’s my little friday ritual.
i believe that you can only discover the amazing finds
when you invest the time.
Also i am usually pretty down by Friday…
i feel like i haven’t gotten much done
or i am stressed about what i still need to do…
if i didn’t do this i would unfortunately spend
way to much on ebay…
(been there, done that)
so mid to late afternoon i head over to the village.
i am a thrift store junkie.
i have yet to meet a person who can keep up with me…
maybe my alaskan friend eero.
when i was in fairbanks for 2 weeks
i think we hit value village 4 times.
and the rest of the time we were far
from the village and far closer to black bears...

so every friday
(or saturday when i am behind schedule)
i will post my finds…
so you can tell me i was crazy for buying it
or rejoice in the thrill of the amazing find…

i realize that you can’t go to the village
expecting to find something fantastic…
it’s then zen of vv thrill-seekers…
you have to realize that sometimes
you will walk away with just okay stuff or nothing at all
(doesn’t happen much to me)…

this friday i needed a fix badly.
so i had expectations…

My village finds - Friday, January 27th:

1. modern wooden bowl
cost $3.43
hate wicker but wooden bowls can be so useful…
for bread or buttons…

2. buttons
cost: 2 x $1.95
i am a button collector.
use them to decorate my bags and hats
see below:

3. appliqués
cost: $1.95
not needed but there were some cool ones in there
especially the cat.

4. machinery belt buckle
cost $1.95
i am a sucker for belt buckles..
and has a design
made in 1977

5. bowls by Ingrid LTD. Chicago
cost: 4 x $0.30
they had plates and stuff…
and i had this feeling
they were cool designer bowls
from the 60s or 70s and
they fit so nicely together...
couldn't find any info on them...
i can always use them in my lab

6. samsonite suitcase, circa 1950s
cost: $3.03
also a sucker for vintage luggage…
grub told me i have to cut back on luggage
but this is one of the styles i collect
(will post picture of luggage collection tomorrow).

so not altogether satisfying, but not bad.
i think i probably shouldn't have bought
the ingrid bowls,
oh well...

what do you think?

tomorrow i hope to be done
with the mohair scarf for steffi…


f. pea said...

olympic thrift ratings (out of ten possible points):

bowl - 8.9 (great style, always useful)

appliques - 4.1 (the cat is a bit psychotic looking. but they're small and won't take up too much space)

rotor belt buckle - 9.7 (fabulous!)

Ingrid bowls - 3.2 (they don't match anything, AND they take up lots of space)

suitcase - don't you have four of these in my attic?

i am the snarky russian judge. прощание!

Beta said...

Wow. I have been VERY good about not hitting up thrift stores every week since I moved to DC. Your posts will be my undoing I fear. Those seem like great finds to me because the only locale I ever had near me in RI was Salvies. I have yet to experience Value Village so I know my life can't be considered complete by some (like you). My fav is the wooden bowl. Now I have this odd sensation that our apartment really does need a wooden bowl. Even though we have about 5 handmade (by family) beautiful ceramic bowls of all sizes. Grr. I'm not feeling the work groove this morning and I'd much rather peruse some blogs and pick out fabric to cover our ugly pillows. See you Thursday!