Monday, February 27, 2006

craft table challenge

i was called by ms pea
to rise to the craft table challenge.
this was originally posed by jay...

my partner, grub, is an architect...
so i dream of my beautiful studio space
in the modern minimalist home that grub will design.
i will have a studio on the top floor with sky lights
and long lab-bench-type tables
so i can have several projects laid out...
it will have a great sound system
so i can blare the music
and work for hours.
we shall see.

for now my craft table consists of a desk and
a chair that i appropriated from the dining room table.
it is located on one side of the bedroom.
i have also eeked out a little space in the corner of my lab
for craft breaks from studying.

here is my craft table at home:

on the chair to the left of my desk
i have my sewing items
that have not been put away.
i just carry them over to the comfy chair
(where i do all the hand sewing)
in the living room
on that huge white bauhaus art book
that i bought at value village.
i am in the market for a nice vintage tray
to take it's place.

a close-up:

my craft table contains (from left to right):
1. bowl of buttons on stack of acid-free construction paper
2. small bowl of buttons on top of stack of crafty recipe idea cards
3. vintage owl compact (plan to put photos inside)
4. peep in need of repair
5. value village box with wasp paperweight on top
6. vintage oregon compact (also for photos) on top of index cards
7. glue stick (i heart glue sticks)
8. 1950s lamp
9. marimekko sketch book on top of journal on top of knitting journal
10. ruler
11. my mailorder packet

here is my little corner in my lab
where i usually do all cutting and
machine sewing of book covers, aprons
on the old singer:

from left to right:
1. green lab tape
(if you haven't used this stuff, you are really missing out)
2. next book cover
3. felted yellow sweater piece
4. mat and cutter
5. scissors and fabric from cia's
6. more felted sweater pieces
7. pins
also misc. rulers and decoration
note: amazingly cute little yellow bird pincushion
at top middle of photo from cassi!

now all i need is time to get some projects done...

also, in case you missed the knitting olympics
or you are itching for another project on deadline...
check out Jay's Craft Room Celebration Challenge...
i am not sure that i am up for it this month
but i am tempted...


f. pea said...

i love your colorful spaces! they make me want to put on argyle tights and go beep-beep! boop-boop!

Tracykins said...

If I had a craft space - it wouldn't be that tidy! Be honest - did you clean before you took the pictures? :)

Eero said...

TWO craft spaces...ahhhh....
Yes, that was a slug on my craft table challenge picture...good observant eye, there...

bugheart said...

i actually cleaned it up earlier for s-n-b... but actually it's usually pretty organized... my clothes are another issue.