Wednesday, March 01, 2006

self portrait tuesday: chatterbox

spot wanted to play this morning

but i was late for school.

february’s self portrait challenge:
all of me

this is really the last entry.

the strokes
have a song called
"you talk way too much"
i hear that in my head a lot.
when i get nervous, i talk a lot.
when i get excited, i talk a lot.
when i am thoughtful, i talk a lot.
my parents called me
they bought me
little miss chatterbox
when i was little.

this is something that
i really dislike about myself.
i have always wanted to be
the strong silent type.

is it nature or nurture?

my dad is a notorious talker.
ask anyone.
he has struggled with
for many more years than i have.
i know he feels the same way
that i do about it.
i fear that i will turn into my father.

i really try not to talk so much.
i have asked grub
to signal to me when
we are somewhere
and i am going on and on...
but sometimes
i get the signal
but i am too busy talking to notice.

there are some advantages of
being so chatty.
there are rarely uncomfortable silences.
i am easy to get to know.
i get along well at parties
and in situations with new people.
grub (not much of a talker)
is grateful in these situations.

so instead of focusing
on the obvious
physical characteristics...
this self portrait is of
the parts of me that are
the most difficult to change...
the most difficult to accept.
here i am-
my father's daughter:


Eero said...

I would never think of you as a chatterbox!
You definitely have moments of quiet---and I can always tell your brain is ticking over at something like 80,000 rpms.

Beta said...

I can sympathize. I have also suffered from (and rejoiced in) chatterbox. It only really bothers me after the fact, when I recall that I was monopolizing conversation or shared a little too much.
I appreciate your self-analysis here, but please don't lose your spark in trying to work on the chatterbox-ity.
Nice job w/ the photo!

Jenna said...

Intense picture and intense entry. I think that having the ability to talk to anyone like that is admirable, it can help bridge gaps. It also helps make you to be a great group organizer for things like SnB, helps us to get to know each other and enjoy the time together. Trying to find the positive side for something that you're struggling with :)

f. pea said...

that is one of the things i love most about you. besides, when the signal doesn't work, a cookie shoved in the mouth usually does. mmm... cookie.